Reading For Understanding Three #55A

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  1. Verbal knives thrown about by vicious hate mongers flew through the air of the capital, and even the nicest people learned the value of fighting their enemies with
  2. Your answer:
    ambitious projects.
    sincere friendship.
    scientific surveys.
    malicious gossip.

  3. The camellia is a beautiful flower that resembles the European rose in shape. The camellia shrub is an evergreen that is cultivated in green-houses in most of the United States, but it grows well out of doors in warmer areas. The plant is a native of the Orient and is therefore sometimes referred to as the
  4. Your answer:
    evergreen rose.
    rose of the rich.
    California rose.
    rose of Japan.

  5. One who does not make new acquaintances while advancing through life will soon be quite alone. One should keep one's friendship in
  6. Your answer:
    constant repair.
    precious memory.
    sacred trust.
    writing to old friends.

  7. Our perception is often inaccurate and results in optical illusion. The architects of ancient Athens built the Parthenon with columns that taper toward the top with a slightly bulging curve. They also slightly curved its horizontal lines. These architects knew that straight lines seen from certain angles appear curved, so they purposely constructed the Parthenon with curved lines in order to make
  8. Your answer:
    them appear curved.
    them appear straight.
    it last a long time.
    it appear circular.

  9. When oil is dropped on water, the oil covered surface at first appears rainbow-hued. This tinting results from the interference of light rays reflecting from the lower boundary of the oil layer with rays reflecting from its upper boundary. This shading is variegated because the distance between boundaries varies from one part of the oil layer to another. Some time after it has been dropped on the water, the oil spreads in such a way as to form a layer of even thickness throughout. Then the entire oily surface
  10. Your answer:
    reflects more light rays.
    forms an opaque coating.
    appears to be a uniform shade.
    sinks beneath the water.

  11. Most people know that there is some cruelty in goading a slow person to work at a rapid pace, but many do not understand that some people like to expend energy at a fast rate and that is is hard for them to be restrained by the advice to
  12. Your answer:
    "work steadily."
    "slow down."
    "hurry up."
    "make no mistakes."

  13. Many people used to learn a very ornate and beautiful style of handwriting. Much of this writing looked like engraving. Few people can do fancy writing now, but this does not mean that we no longer think its important to learn good handwriting. Our emphasis has shifted to writing clearly and regularly. If very plain writing is neat and easy to read, we may call it
  14. Your answer:

  15. Modern explorers who go on expeditions lasting a long time do not need to eat the plain food that once was the explorer's fare. Methods of food processing and packaging are greatly improved, and even space explorers can have a variety in their diet. Explorers of the last century did not have radios, but no expedition now would be expected to do without them. We do not believe that explorers have to make a virtue of
  16. Your answer:
    modern conveniences.
    personal discomfort.
    scientific investigation.
    safety devices.

  17. In this age of new ideas, we must change our imaginative picture of the world. People thought Copernicus mad when he taught that the earth is not the stationary hub of the universe. Today, we have no trouble with this idea because we learned it when we were young--before our mental habits were fixed. Likewise, Einstein's ideas seem acceptable
  18. Your answer:
    to a generation that has grown up with them.
    compared with Copernican theory.
    to those with training in mathematics and science.
    in spite of their true complexity.

  19. Michael Ventris's decipherment of the Minoan-Mycenaean Linear B script was based entirely on sets of clay tablets that were, in effect, government account books for a single given year. These were written by government scribes and stored in the official archives. Beyond this, not a single inscribed monument, gravestone, or public building, nor any poem, letter, or historical account in Linear B script has been found. This seems to indicate strongly that literacy in Minoan-Mycenaean culture was confined to
  20. Your answer:
    clay tablets.
    the general public.
    government officials.

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