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  1. Most mammals have two sets of teeth just as humans have. The whalebone whale has two sets of teeth, but both sets are lost before the baby whale is born. Neither set is ever used. Many biologists believe that in the evolutionary development of the whale there was a primitive ancestor for which the teeth were useful, and that in later stages the teeth became
  2. Your answer:
    highly developed.
    completely lost.
    more important.
    less important.

  3. Farmers in the United States, which has a highly mechanized agriculture, constitute less than ten percent of the population. Although few in number, they feed the whole population and often produce a surplus, mainly because of
  4. Your answer:
    widespread use of machines.
    large government subsidies.
    artificially high food prices.
    more fertile soil.

  5. In youth, most people maintain that black is black, white is white, and grey is nonexistent. It is only gradually that experience teaches that just as there is no absolute evil, so there is no absolute good. Until this lesson is learned, children react either completely for or absolutely against everything they encounter, and tolerance is a quality that they
  6. Your answer:
    wish they possessed.
    have wholly lost.
    respect in their parents.
    cannot comprehend.

  7. Homophony is a musical term meaning that one voice or instrument takes the melodic lead while all other voices or instruments provide harmony. Polyphony is the opposite of homophony because a polyphonic composition has
  8. Your answer:
    instruments, not voices.
    independent and equally important parts.
    only one instrument.
    no harmony at all.

  9. Sports records continue to be broken. In the last Olympic games, numerous records were smashed. Although "gimmicks" and new training methods are partly responsible, part of the explanation for new records lies in the size of the athletes. Better nutrition and less sickness enable the human body to grow larger. It seems that the taller people become, the
  10. Your answer:
    more competition in sports will lessen.
    higher they will jump.
    greater the crowds will be.
    more money they can earn.

  11. Act of God is a legal term used for an accident due to natural causes such as earthquakes, storms, and the like. If people, by taking proper precautions, can prevent an accident, it cannot be explained entirely as due to natural causes. Responsibility can be assigned, and the accident should not be called
  12. Your answer:
    an act of God.
    an accident at all.
    a mysterious act.
    a human failure.

  13. In the civil service system of the United States, job seekers are examined on their qualifications for the particular jobs that they are to fill. Often, they can meet these basic requirements but are not qualified for advancement. In England, the overall mental capacities of applicants are examined with the idea of testing not only their qualifications for the positions they are to fill at the onset, but also their
  14. Your answer:
    ability to fill higher-level jobs.
    ability to get along with superiors.
    capabilities for work outside government.
    present value to the community.

  15. In ancient Greece, learning to be an orator was very important. The parties to a legal suit usually pleaded their own cases. No wonder that the sophists, who taught public speaking professionally, were
  16. Your answer:
    usually old people.
    considered hypocrites.
    in great demand.
    native Greeks.

  17. In a Dutch auction, so called because it originated in the Netherlands, the auctioneer offers an object for sale at a price above its value. He gradually reduces the price until someone accepts it. In a regular auction, the auctioneer asks for an opening bid, which is always low. Then the auctioneer tries to get people to make higher bids and sells when no one will raise the bid. These two methods, though opposite in procedure, may both reach a sale at the highest price
  18. Your answer:
    the seller can demand.
    that the object is worth.
    anyone is willing to pay.
    that is fair to the buyer.

  19. In a democratic society, free and open debate is necessary to reach sound decisions and to protect minority groups. A minority member can prevent a bill from passing by speaking so long against it that it does not come to a vote. This procedure of unlimited debate is called filibuster. In the U.S. House of Representatives, debate may be limited by a majority vote of the members; but in the Senate a three-fifths vote is required to limit debate. Filibustering is more common in the
  20. Your answer:
    House of Representatives.

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