Reading for Understand Three #51C

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  1. The public imagination was stirred by the effrontery of this outrageous swindler whom the newspapers referred to as a modern
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  3. The reverse of truth has hundred thousand forms and is a field of boundless extent. If falsehood had, like truth, only one face we should be on more equal terms with it, for we could assume that the contrary to what the liar said was
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  5. Opinion and affection extremely differ. I may love one person best, but it does not follow I must think that person the handsomest one in the world. I love apples best of any fruit; it does not follow I must think apples to be the best fruit. Opinion is something wherein I go about to give reasons why all the world should think as I think. Affection is a thing wherein I look after
  6. Your answer:
    universal worth.
    valid judgement.
    the pleasing of myself.
    the best apple.

  7. The artists of ancient Egypt left us a valuable source of information on life in the Egypt of the pharaohs. All the pictures and statues left by these ancient Egyptians, however, show only the ideal life. Gods, peoples, and animals are all depicted as healthy creatures in the prime of life. We seldom find an ancient Egyptian portrait of
  8. Your answer:
    a dog.
    the sun god.
    an old person.
    a temple.

  9. The forces of nature offer a daily challenge to the rural dweller. On the other hand, the challenges that confront the city resident are largely social and psychological in character. Thus, those whose greatest pleasure is the vanquishing of physical obstacles may tend to seek the country life, and those who prefer to manipulate human relationships are likely to engage in
  10. Your answer:
    urban professions.
    solitary pursuits.
    applied sciences.

  11. A kilometer is equal to about six-tenths of a mile. Compared with a car going sixty miles per hour, a car going seventy-five kilometers is going
  12. Your answer:
    the same speed.

  13. If an object absorbs all the wavelengths of the spectrum, it appears black, and if an object reflects equally all of the light waves of the spectrum, it apears white. Blue is produced when light strikes an object and the object reflects only the light wave for blue and all of the other wavelengths of the spectrum are
  14. Your answer:

  15. Daniel Webster was a brilliant lawyer, orator, and U.S.politician of the early nineteenth century. He served many years as a representative and as a senator. He worked hard to prevent secession of the southern states and to keep the North and the South from an open break. His loyalty to an undivided nation is expressed in his own words,
  16. Your answer:
    "Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable."
    "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country."
    "I would rather be right than be President."
    "Give me liberty or give me death."

  17. The barometer is an instrument for measuring air pressure. The fact that air pressure decreases as altitude, or distance above sea level, increases enables mountain climbers to determine their altitude. They carry an instrument called an altimeter, which measures barometric pressure. The altimeter also has a scale that shows
  18. Your answer:
    air pressure.

  19. The great Archimedes was ordered by Hiero, suspicious tyrant of ancient Syracuse, to find out if the new crown contained all of the gold given to the goldsmith for fashioning it. Although the crown weighed the same as the original gold, Archimedes knew that if a lighter metal had been alloyed with the gold, the volume of the crown would be greater than the original amount of gold. Archimedes measured the amount of water displaced by the crown against the amount of water displaced by the original gold. He found that the crown had an increased displacement. This proved that the
  20. Your answer:
    goldsmith had cheated.
    king was overly suspicious.
    goldsmith was honest.
    crown was of pure gold.

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