Reading for Understanding Three #50A

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  1. The specific gravity of a substance is the ratio of the mass of any substance to the mass of the same amount of water. Each of Mercury and bromine, which are liquids, has a specific gravity greater than one, the specific gravity of water. The solid elements, metallic and non-metallic, all have specific gravities higher than water. The only elements that have specific gravities lower than one are the
  2. Your answer:
    rare metals.

  3. Since two-thirds of the annual rainfall in the United States is received by only one-third of the land area, only a very few areas have an overabundance of water. Approximately one-thousand United States cities suffer from a shortage of water at some period during the year and at such times must ration water. The conservation of water resources is a national problem because the nation's natural source of water is
  4. Your answer:
    so unevenly distributed.
    absorbed by the soil.
    found mainly in rural areas.
    used up by the cities.

  5. It is hard for a nation to devise a policy that will be to its own advantage and also win friends. One nation may have a surplus of some particular product. If this nation should put the surplus product on the world market at a price lower than the price of other sellers, friction would arise between that nation and other nations that
  6. Your answer:
    sell at lower prices.
    market the same product.
    buy the cheap goods.
    desire to remain neutral.

  7. Superficial explanations have been made concerning the deterioration of poetry and letters in colonial countries. One explanation is that since these countries are so young they are culturally immature, and before they can produce the fine arts they must await the development of
  8. Your answer:

  9. For many years, people settled disputes by fighting duels with swords. Naturally, many people were killed in such activity. Actually, duelling required a great deal of skill and had much to recommend it as an activity. Consequently, two hundred years ago, after duelling with swords became outlawed and outdated, the art of duelling was adapted to the harmless but interesting sport of fencing by
  10. Your answer:
    teaching the skill to many more people.
    making swords only of wood.
    never allowing a sword to touch an opponent.
    blunting the end of the sword.

  11. Little I ask; my wants are few. I only wish a hut of stone (A very plain brown stone will do) That I may call my own. These lines are from Oliver Wendell Holmes's poem titled
  12. Your answer:
    "Old Ironsides."
    "The Last Leaf."

  13. Many scientists are interested in trying to slow down the deterioration that comes with age or in abolishing entirely old age as we know it. One thing that has been tried is lowering the body temperature. The "life space" of some animals has been increased in this way. It has been seriously suggested that people may one day sleep in cooled bedrooms or on slightly chilled water beds in order to
  14. Your answer:
    grow old sooner.
    sleep longer.
    feel better.
    achieve a longer life.

  15. The very bright, very young persons must be cautious in offering suggestions to some business superiors. Cleverness may be an impediment to advancement, for supervisors are likely to consider one presumptuous and be annoyed at implied criticism of themselves. Superiority, when combined with extreme youth, is sometimes
  16. Your answer:
    a virtue.
    a handicap.
    an advantage.
    a characteristic.

  17. It was not until 1794 that the first British naval squadron was supplied with lemon juice, ten years later that the daily use of lemon juice was required of the entire fleet, and sixty years after that when the Board of Trade applied the same rule to all merchant ships. For more than two hundred years, the first time being in 1594, explorers and naval doctors had reported that scurvy was successfully treated by orange juice and lemon juice. There was a surprising lag between
  18. Your answer:
    science and research.
    government and sailors.
    law and shipping.
    discovery and application.

  19. The game of jacks, formerly called jackstones, that many children play is a very old game. It was originally played with the knucklebones of a sheep and was called knucklebones. It is almost certain that the game is of Asiatic origin. Early Greek writers frequently mention the game, and a painting was excavated in the ruins of Pompeii that represented five goddesses playing knucklebones. Thus, we see that the game was also played in the Western world
  20. Your answer:
    at an early date.
    by schoolchildren.
    mostly by girls.
    in every country.

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