Reading for Understanding Three #4C

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  1. A gas called firedamp is found in coal mines. It will cause an explosion when exposed to air and open flame. In the early 1800s coal miners in England used open-flame lamps in the mines. The lamps caused the firedamp to explode, and many miners
  2. Your answer:
    wore gas masks.
    used oxygen tanks.
    lost their lives.
    demanded higher wages.

  3. A mail-order firm is a kind of retail business that sells directly to customers by mail. Mail-order firms publish attractive catalogues that picture and describe the merchandise. The customer orders the products that are shown in the catalogue. For the mail-order firm, the catalogue takes the place of the
  4. Your answer:

  5. There is a story about a shepherd whose flock of sheep was joined by a few wild goats. The shepherd gave the goats most of the food, and gave the sheep only a little and hoped this would persuade the goats to remain with the flock. At the first opportunity, the goats ran away because they knew that they too would have to take the same treatment as the flock of sheep when some other new animal came along. This story warns us aganist people who try to win our friendship while their old friends are
  6. Your answer:
    being neglected.
    making friends.
    ignoring them.
    running away.

  7. Two famous U.S. frontier heroes, Mike Fink and Davy Crockett, decided to have a shooting match to determine who was the better aim with a rifle. The two men were evenly matched in such feats with their guns as driving nails, shooting flies from a cow's horn, and snuffing out candles. Fink then shot half a comb out of his wife's hair, leaving the other half for Crockett. Davy decided that the possible danger to Mrs. Fink outweighed the importance of the contest, and he
  8. Your answer:
    won the race.
    admitted his defeat.
    killed Mrs. Fink.
    fired his rifle.

  9. The purpose of the first clothing was protection. Although protection against sun, rain, or cold is obtained by wearing clothes, our present-day clothing also satisfies a need for decoration. If this were not true, we would not see
  10. Your answer:
    rubber boots.
    Fancy raincoats.

  11. A legal signature is the name of a person written by that person, and it indicates that the writing that precedes the signature accords with the person's wishes or intentions. A person who has not learned to write may indicate accord by a mark, such as a X, but in this case the conditions must be legally witnessed and described because the X is not as characteristic as a
  12. Your answer:
    legal document.

  13. A colt is born without teeth. Its first teeth come when it is about four months old. From then on, other teeth come at quite predictable times until, at the age of five years, the male has a full set of forty teeth, and the female has thrity-six teeth. As the horses become older, the teeth wear down and become smooth. An expert on horses can tell the age of a horse by its
  14. Your answer:

  15. An advertisment for elephant-leather belts had the following footnotes: "Our elephant leather is collected through government-sponsored Habitat Preservation projects under Conservation Agency control." This makes it clear that buyers of these belts are not guilty of helping to
  16. Your answer:
    use up surplus leather.
    increase national inflation.
    endanger a wild species.
    sell expensive belts.

  17. Perhaps very primitive people made a sort of torch by sticking a wick into a dried fat fish or bird. The Old Testament mentions candles. Candles made of animal fat have been in use for about two thousand years, and until recently they were made by hand, a slow process. Modern candles made of mineral oils are used for decorations, but they also remind us of our struggle for
  18. Your answer:

  19. Trained safety engineers have helped companies to lower accident rates and personal injury and property losses. The companies have followed the findings of the actuaries who have figured out the risks and the ways in which losses can be prevented. Companies with good records of accident prevention are not just
  20. Your answer:

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