Reading for Understanding Three #4B

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  1. Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) was a great astronomer. It is surprising to learn that his hands were so crippled that he did not have fine dexterity with instruments, that his eyes were so weak that he could not make fine observations, and that his health was so poor that he could not bear long exposure to night air. He made many discoveries in astronomy despite his
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  3. A certain amount of heat is created by friction. The temperature of a substance increases when the molecules making up the substance move at greater speeds. Rubbing an object causes the molecules of that object to move faster. If you drive a nail deep into a board and then pull the nail out quickly, the nail will be
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  5. Leaves of plants require light to form the green chlorophyll necessary for food-making and for their characteristic hue. If parts of a leaf are covered on both sides for a period of three days, the covered spots will be much lighter than the uncovered spots at the end of that period. The faded patches result from the lack of
  6. Your answer:
    fresh air.

  7. A physician who was a member of a polar expedition had to make a few extractions of teeth and insert a few temporary fillings. Some people believe that dental fillings drop out in cold weather. This doctor does not think that can happen even in the coldest weather, because inhaled cold air is immediately warmed, and the temperature of the teeth does not fall much. The doctor felt that most of the dental problems were due to failure to have a complete dental examination before leaving home and not to
  8. Your answer:
    dental cavities.
    the intense cold.
    an inadequate diet.
    bad habits.

  9. In a recent year three athletes in one area died from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Schools in that area now have installed weather instruments that have been tested by the military. When the readings on the instruments indicate that it is too hot or too humid, the coaches
  10. Your answer:
    lose every game.
    shorten the practice.
    are lucky to win at all.
    win fewer games.

  11. The "Ship of Fools" is a painting by Hieronymus Bosch. It shows a small ship filled with people who are enjoying playing games, eating, drinking, singing, and swimming. The hidden meaning of the picture is that people can become so involved in wordly pleasure that they have no concern for a real purpose or goal in life. This interpretation can be made because no one in the painting is
  12. Your answer:
    acting foolish.
    playing cards.
    enjoying the trip.
    guiding the ship.

  13. Before the Civil War in the United States, Mississippi was a prosperous southern state. Cities such as Natchez still have beautiful gardens around stately old mansions that are attractive places for tourists in the spring. Beautiful girls in hoopskirts escort visitors on the tours to help give them a picture of the
  14. Your answer:
    Civil War.
    Old South.
    new industries.
    college campus.

  15. Wood is a readily available and beautiful building material that is preferred by many for home construction. Fire-insurance rates on wooden houses are higher than on brick houses or houses made of some other materials. One chemical company advertises a wood treated with noncombustible chemicals. At temperatures below the ignition point of wood, the chemicals react to produce carbon dioxide and water, which choke flames and prevent the spread of fire. In a sense, the treated wood has a
  16. Your answer:
    beauty greater than wood.
    number of construction uses.
    low cost per unit.
    built-in fire extinguisher.

  17. Camels are useful beasts of burden in many parts of the world. They furnish people with meat and milk for food and with hair for weaving cloth. But a camel is not very easily trained and often has a bad disposition. It is not loved by its owner, although it is of great
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  19. Since the person who had died had no will and no close relatives, a battle soon developed among the distant relatives over the way in which the great fortune should be
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