Reading for Understanding Three #47A

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  1. Over and over again, nature has tried out huge patterns only to abandon them. There have been dragonflies with a wingspread of over sixty centimeters, cephalopods larger than humans, gigantic sea scorpions, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. Geographical records show that many of these enormous forms became
  2. Your answer:

  3. In 1906, the Algeciras Conference was held in Spain to settle a dispute over Morocco. France at the time controlled most of Morocco as a protectorate. Germany, however, controlled one-fifth of the Moroccan trade. Since the Germans feared that France would hamper German-Moroccan trade, the Germans wanted Morocco to be an independent country. France, of course, wanted to maintain control over Morocco. The result of the conference was that Germany maintained trade rights in Morocco, but France kept police powers. The Algeciras Conference ended with a
  4. Your answer:
    complete German victory.
    threat of war.
    compromise agreement.

  5. There is no absurdity so obvious but that it may be firmly planted in the human head if you only begin to inculcate it before the age of five. By constantly repeating it with an air of great solemnity, it will come to be accepted as
  6. Your answer:

  7. The earth's history is a history of natural change. Parts of the earth that once were under water are now completely dry. There have been periods when large areas of the earth were covered with ice. There have been periods when the earth's climate was much warmer than it is now. There have been many other changes. The earth has many features that were made by human beings, such as straightened rivers and shores, canals, dams, and tunnels through mountains. All of these latter features are the result of changes that are
  8. Your answer:

  9. Madame T's work as a mystery writer is well known throughout the world, and her tour de force, the surprise ending, has mystified and entertained her readers for more than fifty years. In her latest work, she again brings her readers to the edges of their chairs with a solution that is
  10. Your answer:
    completely unforeseen.

  11. As a part of the Kathin festival, funds for religious purposes are collected in a novel fashion. Contributors fold bank notes into the shapes of flowers. The flowers are attached to stalks, and finallly the stalks are fastened together to form a
  12. Your answer:
    wedding gift.
    money tree.
    door prize.
    collection plate.

  13. We grasp intuitively many things that we cannot verbalize coherently. Often people who hold within themselves precious meanings derived from art, philosophy, or religion fail to teach others what they themselves understand best because
  14. Your answer:
    others do not care to learn.
    others are totally unfamiliar with the subject matter.
    they are embarrassed to reveal anything so personal.
    they cannot communicate what they feel.

  15. Resins are vegetable substances that may be found in nature or may be made synthetically. One of the main characteristics of resins is that they do not dissolve in water. Many governments use resin to coat paper money. The result has been that the bills are
  16. Your answer:
    more durable.
    more natural.

  17. The nations of the Western Hemisphere, accustomed to a situation where power was neatly divided among them and was regulated by them, were naturally disconcerted by the birth of a new nation and the subsequent upset in the
  18. Your answer:
    balance of power.
    Eastern economy.
    socialist regime.
    open-door policy.

  19. Within the present century, millions of people in the United States have changed their residence. This internal migration consists mainly of movements from the North and the South to the western states, from the South to the North, from the country to the cities, and from the cities to the suburbs. Although immigration into the United States is subject to certain restrictions, there is no legal control over
  20. Your answer:
    European immigrants.
    internal migration.
    foreign travel.
    foreign visitors.

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