Reading for Understanding Three #46B

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  1. The stimulus given to us by challenging tasks is necessary for the survival of our civilization. When we are no longer forced by necessity to work, unless we stir ourselves to activity, we will perish. Deterioration began in the civilizations of Greece and Rome when the people became
  2. Your answer:

  3. Two factors that are necessary for a person to become a successful entrepreneur are money and certain personality traits. At first glance, one might say that money is the more important and can replace the other; that is not so, for if one has the necessary personality traits, the probability is high that a backer can be found. If one does not possess those traits,
  4. Your answer:
    one cannot be wealthy.
    they may be cultivated.
    wealth can take their place.
    money alone is of no avail.

  5. The memorable characters of fiction almost always exist in popular folklore prior to their formal delineation by some great writer. When Shakespeare immortalized the noble and tragic Hamlet, he knew that the character
  6. Your answer:
    must offend the actual prince of Denmark.
    already lived in legendary form.
    proceeded from his fertile imagination.
    would be his most famous creation.

  7. All deaf and hard-of-hearing persons know that many social gatherings may be a total loss for them and that many eagerly anticipated appointments may turn out miserably for no other reason but that communication cannot be
  8. Your answer:

  9. The Cascade Mountain range extends 800 kilometers from northern California into Canada and is 160 to 240 kilometers inland from the Pacific Ocean. The range is high enough to cause the very moist westerly winds blowing in from the Pacific to rise; then the moist air cools and turns to rain or snow. By the time the westerlies have crossed these mountains, they are drained dry; consequently, the regions east of the range are
  10. Your answer:
    very cold.
    very wet.

  11. The chief aim of university instruction is to make the student a better member of society. The emphasis should be on
  12. Your answer:
    specific knowledge.
    inspiration of genius.
    fitness for the world.
    scientific research.

  13. For a long time there were people who believed that life could spring from nonliving matter. However, Pasteur and Tyndall demonstrated that if all the living organisms in a nutrient solution were destroyed and if the solution were thereafter protected from external contamination,
  14. Your answer:
    living forms would develop rapidly.
    no life would subsequently appear.
    spontaneous generation would be a fact.
    only bacteria would survive.

  15. Iron is not found in nature as pure iron but always as a compound of iron and some other substances. These substances are called iron ores. What we call rust is really an iron ore. When pure iron is exposed to moist air, its surface rusts, or becomes iron ore, by combining with the oxygen in the air. After iron ore has been dug from mines, iron is obtained from the ore by a process that
  16. Your answer:
    exposes the iron ore to moist air.
    turns the iron into steel.
    turns the oxygen to rust.
    removes the combining substances.

  17. The ash produced by burning certain kinds of seaweed is called kelp. A metric ton of kelp is obtained from about twenty metric tons of the seaweed. The kelp is of value mainly for its iodine content, which may vary from one to six percent. Compounds of sodium, potassium, and magnesium are also obtained from kelp, but these are less important than the
  18. Your answer:

  19. The Roman emperor Vespasian, being sick of the disease whereof he died, did not, for all that, neglect to inquire after the state of the empire and even in bed continually dispatched very many affairs of great consequence. For this he was reproved by his physician, as a thing harmful to his health. "An emperor," Vespasian answered, "must die standing." Rulers often should be reminded of these words, to make them know that the great office of the command of so many people is not
  20. Your answer:
    an employment of ease.
    respected by others.
    important in any way.
    humanly possible.

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