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  1. The average annual rainfall in the western third of the United States is less than twenty inches, an amount insufficient to raise most crops. The area of dry land is much greater than that which can be provided with adequate water by means of irrigation. In agricultural areas of the West, the value of a tract of land depends to a large extent upon the
  2. Your answer:
    adequacy of means for shipping farm products.
    small amount of rain in the area.
    number of crops that can be grown there.
    availability of a good water supply.

  3. According to Genesis, Jubal was "the father of all such as handle the harp and organ." Paintings of harps from Greece and Egypt have been found that are believed to be about 3000 years old. The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago has on exhibit the frame of a harp from Sumer, the first Babylonian culture in the Euphrates Valley. This frame is estimated to be about 4500 years old. These facts all indicate that the harp is
  4. Your answer:
    an ancient instrument.
    a stringed instrument.
    a recent invention.
    a biblical instrument.

  5. Some historians base the science of history on the premise that all actions whatsoever arise from self-interest. It may be enlightened self-interest, or it may be unenlightened. However, they assume as an axiom that all people, in whatever they do, are aiming at something that they consider will
  6. Your answer:
    go down in history.
    make politicians of them.
    be truly unselfish.
    promote their happiness.

  7. In 1848, engineers began building a bridge across the Niagara River between Canada and the United States. The beginning of the work was held up because the swift currents prevented workers from getting the first cable from one riverbank to the other. This problem was solved when a ten-dollar reward was offered to the child whose kite could carry a line
  8. Your answer:
    across the river.
    the highest into the air.
    under the new bridge.
    far downstream.

  9. The insulation materials used in buildings contain millions of air spaces, for air is a poor conductor of heat. The insulation helps keep the heat in the building during cold weather and the heat of the sun out in summer. Similarly, two pairs of light, loosely woven wool socks can better prevent body heat from escaping than one heavy, tightly woven pair because the two pairs have
  10. Your answer:
    a higher grade of wool.
    more air spaces.
    more wool.
    fewer air pockets.

  11. The word "utopia" is derived from two Greek words that mean "no place." Sir Thomas More used the title "Utopia" for a book in which he described an ideal social and political state. The place described was an imaginary place. We now use the adjective "utopian" to refer to a scheme that we think is
  12. Your answer:
    ideal but practical.
    borrowed from the Greek.
    consistent with modern history.
    of great literary interest.

  13. The name given to the animal life of a certain place or period is fauna. Flora is the term for plant life. We may speak of the fauna and flora of any past geological age. The word fauna comes from the name of the Roman goddess of
  14. Your answer:

  15. The mighty Roman army, in conquering new territory, marched into many parts of the world. Between battles of conquest, the army was not idle. It built roads, aqueducts, walls and bridges throughout the empire. The Roman army, in addition to being a great conquering force, was also
  16. Your answer:
    chosen for bravery.
    very organized.
    a civilizing force.

  17. Although both the Republican and Democratic parties have large representation among the voting population of the United States, it has been estimated that 25 percent of the voters have no political party affiliation. It is this segment of the voting public whose support is greatly needed to carry a national election. It is the independent vote that makes the outcome of national elections
  18. Your answer:

  19. Astronomers are able to predict the exact time during which the people in a particular place on the earth will be able to observe an eclipse of the sun or of the moon. This may seem a difficult thing to do, but think how much more we should be amazed that mathematicians can now predict the exact course of an orbital satellite before it is launched. After all, the earth, sun, and moon have been travelling in regular paths for a long time, and we expect that their movements will
  20. Your answer:
    speed up slightly.
    be influenced by satellites.
    be unpredictable.
    not change.

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