Reading for Understanding Three #43B

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  1. Not many people bother to remember just how much they should eat of what foods in order to satisfy their daily vitamin requirements, but a great many people seem to fear diseases caused by vitamin deficiency. It is known, however, that concentrated dosages of vitamins are of no benefit unless one has a deficiency, and it has been proven that a surplus intake of some vitamins can be harmful to anyone who
  2. Your answer:
    fears deficiency diseases.
    refuses the pills.
    requires more vitamins.
    does not require such medication.

  3. The prickly ash is a shrub or tree with small, sharp spines on its twigs. The bark of this tree, when chewed, gives a cooling anesthetic sensation that dulls pain in the mouth. For this reason the tree is sometimes referred to as
  4. Your answer:
    a remedy for colds.
    the peppermint tree.
    the prickly ash.
    the toothache tree.

  5. Just as the steam engine, nicknamed the Iron Horse, replaced the horse for cross-country travel in the nineteenth century, a new machine--part sled, part tractor, and part skis, with a sturdy steel cab and a gasoline engine--replaced the dogsled for travel across the frozen North. After its successful 1900-kilometer trip through the frozen wilderness, the Eskimos dubbed the new snow sled the
  6. Your answer:
    Iron Dog.
    Frozen Dog.
    Horse Dog.
    Iron Horse.

  7. The difference between the lives of Puritan children and the lives of other children may be likened to the difference between a blueprint and a painting. The pattern of the Puritan child's life had firm, straight lines but no
  8. Your answer:

  9. In many of the underdeveloped nations, efforts are being made to strengthen the economy in order to supply the people with adequate food, clothing, and shelter. One obstacle is that the number of people seems to increase faster than the rate of production of the goods necessary to raise the standard of living. If a little more food is raised as a result of improved farming methods, more mouths await that food, and no real progress is made. Something must be done to ensure that the economy
  10. Your answer:
    progresses at a normal speed.
    does not grow too fast.
    decreases in growth rate.
    grows faster than the population.

  11. Every U.S. citizen is familiar with the words of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. When one listens to an actor reading the Gettysburg Address, one cannot help regretting thta the phonograph and tape recorder came too late to preserve
  12. Your answer:
    the importance of the occasion.
    Lincoln's voice.
    the true meaning of the speech.
    Lincoln's words.

  13. A fox served soup in a flat bowl to a bird that could not eat it with its long beak. Then the bird invited the fox for dinner and served the soup in a long-necked pitcher into which the fox could not get its mouth. The fox complained, but the bird said, "You deserve this for the way you treated me." The story has a moral:
  14. Your answer:
    one good turn deserves another.
    return good for evil.
    the offender is often repaid in kind.
    it is not good to hold a grudge.

  15. The operation of transferring a painting to a new foundation of canvas or wood must be done with the greatest of care to preserve the picture and to make it substantial. We have paintings that were transferred to new foundations more than two-hundred years ago. These are the masterpieces that came near to being
  16. Your answer:

  17. Historians are always careful to check the reliability of sources of information. Some documents are forged; authors may be so prejudiced that they cannot make fair judgments; even honest people can be mistaken. Historians must avoid such
  18. Your answer:

  19. Colonists in British North America built houses in a style of architecture that has come to be called colonial. The houses were constructed of materials readily available in North America, but they were patterned after the popular architectural styles of Europe. Colonial architecture, or architecture developed by colonists, was an attempt to reproduce as closely as possible the architectural styles of
  20. Your answer:
    ancient Greek architects.
    outstanding architects.
    native Americans.
    the native countries.

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