Reading for Understanding Three #43A

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  1. The foundation of Western civilization is built upon the principles of many preceding civilizations dating back to the golden age of the Greeks. Scholars, however, have found no model upon which the ancient Greeks built their civilization. The principles that the Greeks gave to the world were
  2. Your answer:

  3. There is a commonly held notion that rattlesnakes always warn their victims by rattling before they strike. This is not true. People should not ignore the danger from rattlesnakes, since they sometimes strike without
  4. Your answer:

  5. The scientists who study earthquakes are called seismologists. They are hopeful about our future ability to predict earthquakes and to control the damage they do. Seismologists say that it is not earthquakes that kill people. It is the collapsing buildings that kill. This is the reason for scientific interest in
  6. Your answer:
    building materials and design.
    studying the San Francisco earthquake.
    predicting storms.
    copying housing in cities.

  7. A large city is nearly always surrounded by suburbs - residential areas on the outskirts of the city. Many of the people who live in suburbs work in the city. Some spend several hours a day going back and forth to work. They are willing to do this because they enjoy
  8. Your answer:
    working in the suburbs.
    shopping in the big stores.
    living outside the city.
    living in a big city.

  9. A ball can be moved more easily than a cube of the same material and volume at rest on the same surface. This is so partly because the ball has less of its area resting on the surface and therefore creates less friction to inhibit its movement. The same principle applies to the movement of dry sand on a seashore. The grains of a sand dune are generally spherical and hence the position of the dune
  10. Your answer:
    resists movements.
    never changes.
    shifts easily.

  11. People are always talking about wise use of leisure time. They think that they must find something to do, for either pleasure or profit, for to them inactivity is
  12. Your answer:
    a perfect state.
    culturally important.
    greatly desirable.
    a deadly bore.

  13. In the strictest sense, democracy means rule by the people, and in practice, rule by the majority. The United States governs itself through duly elected representatives of the people. These representatives are very sensitive to the opinions of the people and feel responsible for carrying out the wishes of the voters who have elected them. In this way, the United States has
  14. Your answer:
    voting privileges for everyone.
    need for only two parties.
    respect for minorities.
    government by the people.

  15. When an engineer has designed a new product, a model of the design is built to assure the manufacturer that the design is really workable. Building a model is often expensive, but the tools for starting actual production are so expensive that the manufacturer cannot risk the investment without having tested the design by
  16. Your answer:
    a model.
    a factory.
    a survey.
    an engineer.

  17. Among critics she was as rare as she was good. Her only visits were within her province, and even then her stay was short, for she knew that a good critic must above all else be
  18. Your answer:

  19. Interest in antique furniture, glass, and many other things has been a popular leisure activity for many men and women. Now, large numbers of persons who can afford it have a hobby of collecting and restoring antique cars. There is also an active movement among some veteran aviators to restore and to keep in operating order planes of
  20. Your answer:
    the Civil War.
    the newest design.
    early vintage.
    the 1800s.

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