Reading For Understanding Three #42B

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  1. Nomadic peoples wander from one region to another in search of pasture land for their herds. Thus, in areas in which nomads live, the pattern of population distribution is often
  2. Your answer:

  3. Crows, unusally intelligent birds, make interesting pets. But farmers consider wild crows pests, since they are often destructive in their constant quest for food. Crows help farmers, however, by eating enormous quantities of insects. They also help to keep highways clean, for they eat not only animals killed by automobiles, but also the litter thrown out by travellers. It is doubtful whether the crow
  4. Your answer:
    does more harm than good.
    will survive.
    is of any value.
    can be tamed.

  5. I am a poor chess player. When it is my move, I look and see that the play I am thinking of exposes me to difficulties. Then I consider a number of other plays and reject them for various reasons until finally I decide on the first play I had considered, having forgotten meanwhile
  6. Your answer:
    that I could thus move safely.
    the danger I had forseen.
    how to make other moves.
    the rules of the game.

  7. Many citizens of other nations deposit their money in banks in Switzerland. The Swiss banks carefully protect the identities of their depositors, a matter of some importance to certain depositors. An agent trying to determine if someone has money in a particular Swiss bank sometimes tries to make a deposit in the name of that person. Since the acceptance of such a deposit would imply that the account did exist, Swiss banks will not
  8. Your answer:
    accept deposits from unidentified persons.
    accept deposits that have been mailed in.
    allow citizens of ther countries to open accounts.
    accept large cash deposits.

  9. Silk has been made in China for more than four thousand years. For a long time the Chinese kept the secrets of silkmaking to themselves, but now many countries know how to produce raw silk and how to manufacture silk materials. Japan is now the leading silk-producing country, and China is second. Italy, France, and India also produce large quantites of silk. Although synthetic threads have found extensive use, they have not replaced silk, which is still used in the production of
  10. Your answer:
    raw silk.
    fine fabrics.

  11. A British woman holds a title because her father held a title, because she married a man with a title, or because she herself was given a title. If her father held a title, she uses her title with her given name--Lady Ann. If she marries Patrick Smith who is knighted, he is called Sir Patrick , but she is called Lady Smith. To call her Lady Ann would mean that
  12. Your answer:
    her father had a title.
    she was knighted herself.
    she was Dame Ann Smith.
    she married a titled lord.

  13. I am not concerned with your field of study. I have found that those who have alert minds as a consequence of hard thought are superior, regardless of the
  14. Your answer:
    effort that they expended.
    quality of their thought.
    subject that they studied.
    excellence of their work.

  15. Americanoids are tribes of people who live in Siberia. They resemble the Native Americans in appearance. One costal tribe fishes, one group herds reindeer, and other tribes are hunters. The Americanoids get their name because of their
  16. Your answer:
    physical characteristics.
    mode of travel.
    type of home.
    Siberian bachground.

  17. There is a story about a donkey that was driven to town with a sacred statue on its back. When the townfolk bowed to the statue, the donkey thought the respect was being given to him. The master chastised the donkey for believing that people would show reverence to a dumb animal. This story illustrates the fate of those who
  18. Your answer:
    chasise dumb animals.
    display their respect.
    merit reverence.
    exhibit false pride.

  19. Some early poetry did not make use of end rhyme but depended upon alliteration for its structural appeal. Alliteration is the repetition of the same letter or sound at the beginning of two or more consecutive words. A well-known example is "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers." Alliteration is still used for effect in writing and in speaking, but overuse is not good form. Radio and television announcers sometimes use this structure to get attention, but alliteration is
  20. Your answer:
    easy to overdo.
    never interesting.

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