Reading for Understanding Three #42A

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  1. It is not benevolence that causes absolute rulers to give their subjects the right of appeal. It is a practical matter of remaining in control, for this is the irony that resides within all power; if power is to live, it must place restrictions upon
  2. Your answer:

  3. When Charles V, last of the Holy Roman emperors, retired to a monastery, he spent several weeks trying to synchronize two clocks. He found it a difficult task. He is reported to have said to his assistant: "To think that I attempt to force the resson and conscience of thousands of people into one mould, and I cannot make two clocks
  4. Your answer:

  5. One of the joys of childhood is the constant discovery of new things. A child's continual questioning is something annoying to an adult, but it is this wonder about the world that gives childhood the magic that in adulthood is
  6. Your answer:
    never lost.
    too often lost.
    too often exaggerated.
    constantly renewed.

  7. A theory basic to some Oriental philosophies is that happiness is found in the effort expended towards a particular end and not in the accomplishment of that end. The planting and care of a fruit tree should provide more satisfaction than the eating of its first fruit. In essence, means are
  8. Your answer:
    less important than ends.
    not important for happiness.
    justified by their ends.
    more important the ends.

  9. Most of the supersitions that you have were probably learned in childhood. You probably think that the beginning of these superstitions goes back hundreds of years. Many superstitions are very old, but some are not. There is one about what will happen to a baseball player who is pitching a perfect game if an announcer tells the listeners that the pitcher is pitching a perfect game.
  10. Your answer:
    Even basball is not safe from superstitions.
    Evidently new superstitions are being created.
    Television encourages superstitions.
    Announcers should not withhold information.

  11. Economists feel that it is easier to prevent a depression than to cure one. For this reason, a great deal of time, effort, and money are put into research projects that study business cycles for the first indication of
  12. Your answer:
    consumer spending.
    a business decline.
    a federal budget.
    industrial production.

  13. When persons emigrate to the United States, they usually must learn to speak English before they can adjust to their new living conditions. C.K. Odgen developed a Basic English vocabulary of 850 words as a method of quickly teaching people enough English for ordinary communication. Ogden's Basic English was an attempt at making a system of simple language from
  14. Your answer:
    Basic English.
    ordinary communication.
    another language.
    a more complicated one.

  15. This is the month, and this the happy morn

    Wherein the Son of Heaven's eternal King,

    Of wedded maid and virgin mother born,

    Our great redemption from the above did bring.

    The month referred to in these lines of John Milton's poem is

  16. Your answer:

  17. It has been said that a lecturer on art must be both an artist and a poet and must have an extensive knowledge of both history and philosophy. People of such versatility are rare. Indeed, they are almost nonexistent. The most problematic task facing a college that wants to offer a series of lectures on art is
  18. Your answer:
    finding the instructor.
    determining the subject matter.
    recruting students.
    assessing the value of the course.

  19. Some naturalists believe that the North American opossum's trick of pretending death, "playing possum," is not a trick at all. They believe that in a stituation of great danger, such as an attack by a larger animal, the opossum's brain cannot cope with the problem and the animal really goes into a state of shock and is unable to move. If this interpretation is correct, the opossum is
  20. Your answer:
    not as cunning as people have thought.
    smarter than it has been judged.
    unable to defend itself at all.
    playing a joke on all of us.

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