Reading for Understanding Three #40B

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  1. Many educators champion the cause of the small college and bewail the advent of the large university. But why should there be virtue in smallness, as such, or vice in largeness? One would think that educators would be less concerned with the size of the institution and more concerned with its
  2. Your answer:
    physical plants.

  3. The Church of England, or Anglican Church, is sometimes called the Establishment because it was established by Parliament as the official state church. The monarch must be a member of the Church of England, but all other people in the country are free to choose their religion. In England there are Islamic mosques, Buddhist temples, Jewish synagogues, Roman Catholic churches, and churches of many Protestant denominations. The English have much
  4. Your answer:
    high church attendance.
    control by the Establishment.
    religious freedom.
    fundamental faith.

  5. A caricature is a drawing that exaggerates the most noticeable and distinctive physical characteristics of the subject. Caricatures of well-known people are sometimes published. If the artist is clever, a few simple lines that emphasize certain features may be sufficient to permit the subject to be
  6. Your answer:

  7. A great educator once said that the mark of an educated person is the ability to make a reasoned guess on the basis of insufficient information. The educator's point was that whenever we face decisions, we show intelligence if we act in the best possible way in spite of
  8. Your answer:

  9. Below the earth's crust is a layer known as the mantle, a warm and rocky insulation against the intense heat of the earth's inner core. Because the mantle contains the history of the earth prior to the formation of the crust, people are eager to drill below the crust into the mantle. On land surfaces, the crust is about 64 kilometers thick, but only 4.8 kilometers of crust separate us from the mantle under the ocean. In order to drill at a point where the earth's crust is thinnest, the chosen site is
  10. Your answer:
    the Pacific Ocean.
    North America.

  11. Two or more people may own a piece of real property with equal privileges to use it as long as each lives. This kind of ownership is called joint tenancy. At the death of one of the owners, the property belongs to the surviving owners, although the deceased may have had heirs. The last survivor of the joint tenancy
  12. Your answer:
    is the executor of the estate.
    becomes sole owner.
    must make a will.
    cannot sell the property.

  13. The Greeks endowed the world with a new spirit. They were the first people to play games on a massive scale. They found the world beautiful and expressed this beauty in their art and poetry. The Greeks endowed the world with a spirit of
  14. Your answer:
    fruitful toil.
    joyful living.

  15. It is fancifully estimated that if the present rate of growth of the world's population continues unabated, there would be one person to each square meter by A.D. 2600, and that by A.D. 3700 the people on the earth would weigh more than the earth itself. Since these two conditions seem impossible, it follows that the population explosion cannot
  16. Your answer:

  17. Lack of hearing is a particular handicap in the fast game of basketball, where players call to each other, and the coaches call to the players. There are, however, a few teams representing schools for the deaf that are made up of deaf players. In attacking, the players use patterns in which they are well trained. In defending their goal, the players depend on hand and arm signals and upon
  18. Your answer:
    fast running.
    few errors.

  19. The social security system of the United States provides payments to people who have retired after paying social security taxes for a certain length of time. Government payments do not provide the only old-age security for most people. Many people own their homes, have life insurance, hospitalization and health insurance, private savings, employer-sponsored or union-sponsored benefits, and other resources that provide
  20. Your answer:
    only the bare necessities.
    additional protection.
    for all children.
    good health.

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