Reading for Understanding Three #40A

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  1. Beware of the doctor who, through public media, claims extraordinary success in curing all manner of ailments, from rheumatism through neurosis. Reputable physicians do not
  2. Your answer:
    read advertisements.
    often cure people.
    advertise in this way.
    make a profit.

  3. It is amazing that for almost every idea that is proposed, even by the most imaginative theoretician, there is a practical application devised by the technicians in this world. One philosopher went so far as to say that anything one person can imagine, another person
  4. Your answer:
    will refute.
    cannot imagine.
    can make real.
    will theorize about.

  5. Odin, or Woden, is the name of the Norse god who is sometimes identified with the Roman god Mercury. The French language is more closely related to Latin than the languages of northern Europe are. We call the fourth day of the week Wednesday, a name given to it out of respect for Woden. The French call this day
  6. Your answer:

  7. The average newspaper is known by its subscribers to have a particular political slant. In printing a political story, the editors are usually interested in expressing a particular point of view. Unlike a straight news item, a political story is frequently influenced by
  8. Your answer:

  9. The legislature decided to limit the discussion at one session to the most urgent matters and to postpone discussion of all other matters until the next session. To implement this decision, leaders of both parties had met for two weeks in order to decide which issues were urgent. Their discussions were taking so long that some of their colleagues jokingly remarked that
  10. Your answer:
    the warm-up took longer than the game.
    they had finished the job.
    they were doing a good job.
    previous sessions had been too short.

  11. The state of Louisiana is made up of sixty-four parishes that correspond to counties in other states. These are not religious units, as the name parish might suggest; they are political units. The parish schools are not church schools but are tax-supported
  12. Your answer:
    private schools.
    high schools.
    state schools.
    church schools.

  13. Wit need not be boldly insistent; it can be effective, and yet be
  14. Your answer:

  15. The grinding stone used on our long journey through the unexplored wilderness was a large flat stone of such weight that it was half a load for one of our pack animals. Our grain was ground on this by being rubbed with a cylindrical stone. During the next few months use, half of the original grinding stone disappeared, the grit being mixed with the flour. Thus the grinding stone became
  16. Your answer:
    easier to operate.
    part of our diet.

  17. Plutarch, an ancient Greek author, wrote delightful stories about the lives of some of the famous Greeks and Romans. His personal experience with the illustrious people of his time, coupled with the legends about these people, make Plutarch's tales both interesting and entertaining. Although Plutarch gave us a good picture of life during the Golden Age of Greece and Rome, his stories cannot be accepted as
  18. Your answer:
    accurately translated.
    valuable writing.
    authentic history.
    fascinating tales.

  19. Richard Cameron led his band of Scottish fighters into battle with the prayer, "Lord spare the green and take the ripe." Cameron's prayer became a tradition, because many people believed that in war it was better if the young
  20. Your answer:
    died first.
    survived the old.
    led the battle.

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