Reading for Understanding Three #3C

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  1. Marian Evans Cross is now considered one of the great English novelists, but she wrote in a time when the literary efforts of women generally were not taken seriously. Thus, she wrote and published her works under the name George Eliot so that they would be considered on the basis of their merit and would not be rejected simply because they
  2. Your answer:
    were excellent novels.
    were written by a woman.
    were the work of a man.
    had little merit.

  3. The first public school in the British North America colonies was the Boston (Massachusetts) Latin School, founded in 1635. Harvard College, now Harvard University, was established at Newtone (now Cambridge,Massachusetts) in 1636. The books of John Harvard, given to Harvard College in 1638, formed the first library in these colonies. The state of Massachusetts has long been a leader in
  4. Your answer:

  5. Most great people continue to learn new things long after they leave school. Such people believe that they recieve instruction from other people all their lives. One noted poet said, "All persons I meet are teachers in some point, and in that I
  6. Your answer:
    reproach them."
    cut into strips."
    instruct them."
    learn from them."

  7. In fifteenth century England, cloth that measured one yard in width was called straitcloth. Double widths of this same material, called broadcloth, were
  8. Your answer:
    made into suits.
    two yards wide.
    used for sails.
    cut into strips.

  9. Dates have been grown for thousands of years in the desert of Arabia and Egypt, and the date palm is still a most important food plant in hot, dry regions. Dates are eaten both fresh and dried. The date-palm tree furnishes shade in the desert and wood for fuel and buildings; the leaves are used for weaving many useful articles; and the filament is used for making rope. Although the date palm does not grow in all climates, it is an important tree because it grows where
  10. Your answer:
    there is much shade.
    there are good markets.
    vegetation is sparse.
    people like dates.

  11. The dromedary, or single-humped African camel, can go without food for a long time because it stores fat in its hump. When it is unable to find food, its hump shrinks in size as the camel
  12. Your answer:
    uses up its fat reserve.
    uses water stored in its stomach.
    eats grass instead of drinking water.
    stores fat in it.

  13. Many customs of etiquette are based on practices of long ago. It was once the custom for armed persons to approach one another cautiously. They would extend their right hands to show that they held no weapon and that they sought friendship. This practice has come down to us in the custom of the
  14. Your answer:

  15. The Japanese are industrious people and have achieved the highest living standard in Asia. The country does not produce enough raw goods to support its population. The Japanese must import large quantities of raw materials and, through their hard work, produce manufactured goods for export. In doing this, they have been quite
  16. Your answer:

  17. A mouse ran across the body of a sleeping lion and waked it. The lion was about to kill the mouse, but the little mouse begged to be spared, saying that it would someday repay the lion. The lion laughed, but granted the mouse's wish. Later, when hunters had caught the lion and tied it to a tree with ropes, the mouse gnawed the ropes and freed the lion. The mighty lion was surprised to be helped by the weak mouse, whom it had not
  18. Your answer:

  19. The marsupial is a kind of mammal that carries its young in a pouch. The only marsupial in the United States is the opossun. The kangaroo and other marsupials are native to Australia. The young marsupial is quite immature at birth, sometimes only 2.5 centimeters long, and must stay in its mother's pouch until it is
  20. Your answer:
    too small.
    fully developed.

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