Reading for Understanding Three #39C

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  1. Those who wish to forget painful thoughts do well to absent themselves for a while from the ties and objects that recall them; but we can be said to satisfy our destiny only in the place that gave us birth. I should, on this account, like well enough to spend the whole of my life in travelling abroad, if I could anywhere borrow another life to spend afterwards
  2. Your answer:
    at work.
    with you.
    at home.
    in pleasure.

  3. Some common and healthful foods cause some people to have hives, eczema, asthma, and other conditions that we call allergies. Clothing, dusts, and pollens also cause allergies in some people. The allergies are not completely understood, but physicians have had some success in gradually building up the resistance of patients to allergenic substances. The surest way to avoid allergic reactions, however, seems to be to
  4. Your answer:
    reduce one's weight.
    ignore the problem.
    avoid the causes.
    take the injections.

  5. El Dorado is the name of a legendary king of a region in South America and is also the name of his country. He is said to have had his body dusted with gold dust every day. The name has become a symbol of fabulous wealth. After the discovery of gold in California, the state was often called
  6. Your answer:
    the Wagon Train State.
    the Mining State.
    El Dorado
    the Forty-niners.

  7. Until the late 1800s in the United States, only men could go to barber shops for a haircut, scalp massage, and conversation. Then in 1888, Martha Harper opened one of the first beauty shops in the country. Later to become a tycoon in the multibillion-dollar beauty industry, she had difficulty just getting someone to rent space to her for her first shop. The business was an instant success though, because liberated nineteenth-century women were ready and waiting for the kind of personal service and gathering place that the barber shop
  8. Your answer:
    always offered to women.
    had furnished for everyone.
    never offered to anyone.
    had long provided for men.

  9. The Hippodrome in Constantinople, the capital of the medieval Byzantine Empire, held great throngs of people who came from all corners of the empire to watch the chariot races. In addition to being the empire's hub of amusement, the Hippodrome was also the scene of important political events. The people became so involved in the different activities that were held in the Hippodrome that the great structure has been called
  10. Your answer:
    the cradle of democracy.
    the emperor's stable.
    the home of kings.
    the axis of the Byzantine world.

  11. A prominent political critic commented that the new form of government had done much to cure the ills of the tiny republic and was, therefore,
  12. Your answer:
    likely to fail.
    there to stay.
    a temporary measure.
    disliked by the poor.

  13. Good insulation cuts down the cost of heating a house in winter and lowers the cost of cooling it in hot weather. Good insulation may pay for itself in a few years through the savings on heating and cooling. In addition to the financial saving, we must also consider that the well-insulated building is more
  14. Your answer:

  15. A writ of mandamus is a superior court order requiring an official to perform a duty. If an official refuses, a writ of mandamus will compel the official to perform the duty. The writ of mandamus does not apply when the law states that an official may make the decision how to handle a situation. It applies only if the law affecting the official
  16. Your answer:
    is hard to interpret.
    requires no action.
    states a specific duty.
    leaves the official a choice.

  17. Rye is the most important cereal crop in northern and central Europe, where the climate is less suited to the growing of wheat. Because rye does not contain as much gluten as wheat does, yeast cannot raise rye dough as easily as wheat dough, and rye bread is heavier, more compact, and darker than wheat bread. Most rye bread in the United States is made lighter in shade an texture by the addition of
  18. Your answer:
    wheat flour.
    caraway seed.

  19. According to many Greek thinkers, notably Plato and Aristotle, civil life cannot be realized to its fullest extent unless the community in which one lives is small enough to permit frequent assembly of all its citizens for political and social debate. Although the vistas of communication have been widened immeasurably by the advent of modern means of communication, it is still true that the basic lessons of citizenship are best learned in
  20. Your answer:
    a study of comparative government.
    a study of ancient Greek thinkers.
    visits to many localities.
    a comparatively small community.

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