Reading for Understanding Three #39B

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  1. Formerly, correct usage required the use of the feminine gender when referring to any watercraft. Thus, people said, "Robert E. Lee has loaded
  2. Your answer:
    his cargo."
    its cargo."
    her cargo."
    the cargo."

  3. Many people enjoy participating in such sports as fishing, skiing, boating, hiking, swimming, and bowling. There are other sports in which few people actively participate but that large numbers watch. Some of these are soccer, baseball, basketball, horse racing, and automobile racing. These sports are appropriately called
  4. Your answer:
    college sports.
    spectator sports.
    championship sports.
    professional sports.

  5. The kettledrum consists of a metal bowl over which a piece of leather is stretched tightly by means of screws. Loosening or tightening the screws to alter the drum's musical pitch takes time, so an orchestra usually has several kettledrums, each of which is
  6. Your answer:
    easier to play.
    tuned to a different note.
    tuned to the same pitch.
    quickly adjusted.

  7. Under a microscope, molecules of wool roughly resemble the form of a ladder. Chemists have found that when they break the cross-links chemically, the larvae of clothes moths can digest wool more easily. They reason, then, that if they strengthen these links instead of breaking them,
  8. Your answer:
    the cloth will be more expensive.
    moth action may be clearer under the microscope.
    clothing prices can be reduced.
    the cloth may be rendered indigestible,

  9. The long-nose garfish, found in North America, has little economic value, but it is of special interest because it is a descendant of a family of fish that existed millions of years ago. It has a primitive air sac that it can fill with air in a gulp. This enables the gar to live out of water for short periods when the oxygen content of the water is low. Its elongated shape and the shading and texture of its tough scales give it the appearance of a moss-covered log as it drifts slowly and silently toward its prey. Undoubtedly, the survival of the long-nose garfish is a direct result of
  10. Your answer:
    the antiquity of its progenitors.
    its fossillike appearance.
    its unique protective and adaptive qualities.
    its reproductive capacities.

  11. Aristotle, a philosopher of ancient Greece, was the first person we know of to write down descriptions of animals. His observations and classifications are extremely accurate to have been made over two thousand years ago. Aristotle is often credited with being the first
  12. Your answer:

  13. Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833-1896) was a Swedish chemist who invented dynamite and other chemicals. He became very wealthy and in his will set up a large fund to pay annual awards in the five fields of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and international peace. The prizes average about $125,000 and aside from this there is much prestige in receiving
  14. Your answer:
    such a legacy.
    a Nobel prize.
    the Nobel professorship.

  15. When the leaders of the Roman Empire expanded their holdings by conquering new areas, they established almost complete control. The areas became provinces of Rome, with Roman governors to head them. The affairs of the individual cities within the provinces were left in the hands of the local officials. In this manner, the Roman Empire maintained some principles of local self-government while establishing
  16. Your answer:
    central control.
    the Justinian Code.
    independent nations.
    local autonomy.

  17. Human beings have learned how to avoid or to protect themselves against many wild animals that they used to fear. Many more people are killed every year by small animal enemies than by the large animals they used to dread. Rats or squirrels carrying diseases are responsible for more deaths than are
  18. Your answer:
    beasts of prey.

  19. Normal is a frequently used adjective to which a precise definition is difficult to attach. It is not synonymous with average; neither does it indicate an absolute ideal. Rather, it covers the whole range of action that is tolerated by society. Although the ways that two individuals act may differ markedly, the actions of both are regarded as normal if
  20. Your answer:
    they do not break the laws of their country.
    their actions are acceptable in the culture.
    they act as their close friends act.
    they have similar motivation.

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