Reading for Understanding Three #39A

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  1. Many scientists believe that societies or nations that are at about the same level of technological development will produce similar inventions. They believe that in military developments no country can for a long time keep a
  2. Your answer:
    convincing relation with government.
    decisive technological lead.
    plan that is economically feasible.
    high rate of invention.

  3. When alligator hide is made into leather, it is very beautiful and durable. The leather is used for handbags, shoes, belts, and other leather accessories. Wild alligators were once common in the southern part of the United States, but so many were killed for leather that laws have been passed to protect alligators. Much of the alligator leather used in the United States is not taken from wild animals but comes from
  4. Your answer:
    alligator farms.
    other countries.
    leather stores.
    bounty hunters.

  5. Metals contract when cold and expand when hot. An industry that makes precision metal machine parts must control the temperature in its manufacturing plants. For this reason, many of these plants are
  6. Your answer:
    in the suburbs.
    built of brick.
    well lighted.

  7. The surface gravity of the moon is so slight that it can hold no atmosphere around the moon. Consequently, the sun's rays during the day blister the moon's surface without atmospheric impediment. At night, there is no protective covering around the globe to prevent the precipitant escape of heat from it. Any possible lunar dwellers would have to have means, either natural or artificial, of adapting to
  8. Your answer:
    remoteness from the earth.
    cyclic extremes of temperature.
    the dearth of lakes and seas.
    interstellar communication.

  9. There is one criterion that a novel must meet before it can be described as good. Its aim may be to reform society or to relate history. Its emphasis may be on ideas or on recreation. Satisfying any of these may make a good book; but, in order to produce a good novel, the author must have a good story to tell, a story that the reader will put down regretfully and pick up eagerly. The criterion of quality in a novel is
  10. Your answer:
    originality of ideas.
    historical accuracy.
    reader interest.
    social significance.

  11. The Greek writers said the ancient Egyptians abhorred the pig as an unclean animal. Drinking pig's milk was believed to cause leprosy. Once a year, however, the Egyptians sacrificed pigs to the moon and to the god Osiris and even ate the flesh of the pig on that day. Students of ancient religions conclude that to the Egyptians the pig was
  12. Your answer:
    a sacred animal.
    a great delicacy.
    the cause of all disease.
    the giver of crops.

  13. Eli Whitney was a talented inventor. His cotton gin, which separated cotton from seed, made cotton the chief crop in the southern United States. Plantation owners bought more slaves than ever to work the vast cotton fields. Whitney also developed a process for making rifles with greater efficiency by the principle of "interchangeable parts." These rifles found ready markets in the prosperous North in the mid-nineteenth century. Some people say that the inventions of Eli Whitney contributed significantly to the cause of the war between the South and the North and then
  14. Your answer:
    lowered the standard of living.
    reduced the number of slaves.
    increased the rebel army.
    enabled the North to win.

  15. Pure gold and pure silver are so soft that they are seldom used, even in setting fine jewels. Alloys of gold and silver-mixtures with another metal -are beautiful and more durable. Most gold jewels are yellow gold, a mixture of gold containing about 10 percent, by mass, of copper. The addition of such a small amount of copper does not make the resulting product
  16. Your answer:
    a mixture.

  17. We hope that you will think about this matter and decide that certain steps should be taken. Whatever you decide, make your opinions known; for if you do not, no action will result. In a democracy, the greatest ill of all may be
  18. Your answer:

  19. In ancient Rome, the first hour of the day, the first day of the month, and the first month after the winter solstice were sacred to the god Janus. January, named for Janus, has not always been the first month in the year, but the Gregorian calendar, that was adopted by the English-speaking peoples in 1752 and that the modern world follows, counted January as the first month. Even now, there are many people in the world who do not begin counting the new year in January. They have different reasons, mostly religious, for determining the
  20. Your answer:
    measurement of time.
    number of months.
    name for January.
    beginning of the year.

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