Reading for Understanding Three #38C

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  1. In the United States during the Civil War, the people of what is now West Virginia broke off from Virginia to form a new state. They originally called the new state Kanawha, an American Indian word meaning "the place of white stone," because that region had so many
  2. Your answer:
    salt deposits.
    coal mines.
    native tribes.

  3. Most of the cinnamon that we use in cooking and baking is the ground bark of the cinnamon laurel tree. Sometimes we use the little rolls of bark, which we call stick cinnamon. The stick cinnamon is best because the tang is more quickly lost from the
  4. Your answer:
    roll of bark.
    laurel roots.
    ground cinnamon.
    cinnamon bark.

  5. Elections sometimes hinge on the candidate's popularity with the voters. Shrewd campaigners may present to an audience their personality, likably packaged, rather than their platform. They believe that victory may depend upon
  6. Your answer:
    their past record.
    their personal appeal.
    the party organization.
    the votes they get.

  7. Photosynthesis is the basic life-supporting process by which all green plants, both on land and in the sea, synthesize carbohydrates when exposed to the energy of the relatively long light waves. The microscopic photosynthetic plants on which all sea organisms depend are limited to ocean depths of less than sixty meters, since long light waves are absorbed more quickly than short light waves and therefore disappear after relatively short
  8. Your answer:
    light waves.

  9. Sports announcers on television have a rather difficult time being effective. Just like announcers on radio, their duty is to keep you informed as to what is happening. The major problem on television, though, is that before they have even told you that Brown's ball has knocked down seven pins,
  10. Your answer:
    they have to tell you which of the players is Brown.
    you're wondering what Brown's opponent, Smith, is doing.
    you've already seen Brown's ball knock the pins down.
    they must read a commercial.

  11. The seventeenth century economist, Thomas Mun, defined mercantilism when he said, "The ordinary means to increase our wealth and treasure is by foreign trade, wherein we must ever observe this rule, to sell more to strangers yearly than we consume of theirs in value." He meant that a nation should establish an advantageous balance of trade by exporting
  12. Your answer:
    less than it imports.
    more than it imports.
    only surplus goods.
    to a lesser degree.

  13. Some people are content to live without raising questions that have no answer. They believe that the one thing we cannot hope to do is understand ourselves, and consequently they have
  14. Your answer:
    tended towards introspection.
    been undismayed by failure.
    turned science upon themselves.
    made no attempt.

  15. It has been said that tyranny has no enemy as formidable as the pen. One of freedom's most important safeguards is
  16. Your answer:
    universal suffrage.
    a free press.
    adult education.
    the secret ballot.

  17. From a poem by Elinor H. Wylie:

    "We shall walk in velvet shoes;

    Wherever we go

    Silence will fall like dews

    On white silence below.

    We shall walk in the

  18. Your answer:

  19. The problem of whether or not we possess a free will is entangled with that of moral responsibility. It is difficult to comprehend how we can be held responsible for actions that we could have determined no other way. The existence of several genuine alternatives from which we may choose appears to be a necessary prerequisite of
  20. Your answer:
    moral responsibility
    forming good habits.

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