Reading for Understanding Three #38A

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  1. There is nothing tires one more than words when they clatter like a loose window shaken by the wind. Some will preamble a tale impertinently and cannot be delivered of a jest till they have travelled an hour in trivials as if they had taken the whole particulars in shorthand and were reading from their notes - thus they
  2. Your answer:
    transport their audience to realms of glory.
    intensify the attention of their audience.
    often spoil a good dish with improper sauce.
    command greater respect for their wisdom.

  3. The fall line is the edge of a plateau region where several rivers descend from the upper level to a plain below. The waterfalls along this line are a source of hydroelectric power used to run machinery in factories. The availability of waterpower makes the fall line an advantageous location for
  4. Your answer:
    industrial cities.
    inland waterways.
    vacation retreats.

  5. Permafrost is the permanently frozen soil of the arctic regions. Warm spring temperatures may thaw surface soil, but the underlying permafrost
  6. Your answer:
    never freezes.
    never defrosts.
    thaws less rapidly.
    thaws only in summer.

  7. Knowledge and understanding should not be equated with experience. The person of experience may know that many things are true, and yet not know why they are true. In contrast, a knowledgeable person knows not only that certain things are so, but also
  8. Your answer:
    where they occur.
    is very experienced.
    why they are so.
    who is experienced.

  9. Canute was a well-loved king of England during the eleventh century. Members of his court thought that Canute had sacred power to do anything; Canute tried to hush such talk. A story is told of his taking his courtiers to the seashore, where the king commanded the tide to go out. Of course, the tide did not follow Canute's command. To his courtiers, the king said that the incident proved that he was
  10. Your answer:
    not divine.
    the rightful king.
    a magician.

  11. The ignorant plod year after year through routine, through fairly good or fairly bad, never quite realizing what they are experiencing. Words, acts, sights pass through their experience hazily, suggesting meanings that they
  12. Your answer:
    immediately clarify.
    understand completely.
    never fully grasp.
    formulate into principles.

  13. True scholars must not only master the work of others but also make original contributions. They are recognized by their ability to make independent attacks on their own problems. They may learn from many, but they
  14. Your answer:
    take their opinions from a few.
    must first accumulate facts.
    depend on the wisdom of their teachers.
    do their own thinking.

  15. The two most productive prodigies in musical history, Mozart and Schubert, both died in their thirties. Despite the shortness of their lives, each left behind him more completed works than many other major composers. Schubert achieved the higher opus numbers, largely because of some six hundred songs, and Mozart bequeathed the greater number of hours of music. Some critics have attributed the musicians' deaths to the popularly held theory that
  16. Your answer:
    death cometh soon or late.
    only the good die young.
    the old go to death.
    bright flames must burn but briefly.

  17. Remember, ye leaders of people, and learn from the pin. While it was upright as the councils of government, it remained in office and preferment; but it was cast aside when it became, like some politicians,
  18. Your answer:

  19. On hot days our bodies maintain a normal temperature by the process of perspiration that evaporates in the air. When the air is humid, that is, heavy with moisture, perspiration does not evaporate very quickly. If the air is hot but dry, the perspiration evaporates quickly so that we do not feel the heat so much. Humid days
  20. Your answer:
    feel cooler than they really are.
    feel hotter than they really are.
    change the body's cooling system.
    lower the body's temperature.

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