Reading for Understanding Three #37C

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  1. Stories of flights into outer space and visits to the moon, to planets in this solar system, and to other solar systems have delighted young and old for years. With the development of new rockets and space vehicles, a trip to the moon was the first to take place. Mars and Venus are in the flight plans for the next thirty years, and some scientists believe that we will be able to visit other solar systems in the next century. Science is rapidly catching up with
  2. Your answer:
    other planets.
    science fiction.
    past discoveries.
    modern rocketry.

  3. Just as the sand dunes, heaped upon one another, hide each the first, so in life the former deeds are quickly hidden by those
  4. Your answer:
    that are heroic.
    that are shameful.
    that are openly performed.
    that follow after.

  5. Artists who take their subjects from the ordinary experiences of everyone lay themselves open to attack from all sides. We cannot reject the statue of a Greek god on the grounds that the resemblance is not faithful, but when an artist paints a shopkeeper or a police officer, anyone can
  6. Your answer:
    copy it.
    discuss it.
    view it.
    criticize it.

  7. Some reformers have urged that our language be purified by discarding all words of foreign origin for which there are equivalent words in our native tongue. These reformers are doomed to failure, for many such words are used so frequently that they seem
  8. Your answer:
    an intrinsic part of our language.
    completely alien to us.
    replaceable by native equivalents.
    fantastic and affected.

  9. A well-known university offers a course in jogging that meets three times a week. This course was first offered in the Department of Physical Education. Now it is part of the university's continuing education curriculum, and the students are mostly active professional people and a few retired persons. Class members must have a physician's permission to enter the class and must also take certain stress tests. Class members are tested quarterly for research as well as for health purposes. Data indicate that jogging may prevent or postpone
  10. Your answer:
    heart disease.
    weight loss.

  11. In the 1800's, Captain Charles Boycott was the agent in county Mayo for the estates of an Irish lord. Because he would not agree to the conditions of work and rent demanded by his tenants, the Irish population would have nothing to do with him or his family. He finally had to leave the county. Thus, refusal to do business with a person, store, or country is called
  12. Your answer:
    an injunction.
    an embargo.
    a strike.
    a boycott.

  13. There are many instances of people who have overcome great handicaps to become successful, even in an area where their handicap might have seemed disastrous. The Greek Demosthenes had weak lungs, an awkward manner, and, what was still worse, a speech defect. Despite these handicaps he mastered the arts of law and politics and became a great and successful
  14. Your answer:

  15. Through the years, the concept of primitive peoples as models of health and vigor has been accepted by various groups who have attempted in one way or another to emulate that style of life. This "noble savage" theory was advocated as a philosophical tenet by Rousseau and has been actively practiced by nudists who seek to cast away the restraint of civilized dress and by diet faddists who eat only raw fruits, nuts, and the like because they suppose that poor health is the result of
  16. Your answer:
    violating the natural way of life.
    eating undercooked food.
    economic privation due to frivolous spending.
    a protein-deficient diet.

  17. Orchids are very pretty flowers whose original home was in the jungle. Now, many orchids are raised in greenhouses, so they are more easily available. Orchids come in many shades of brown, green, and white; there is one shade so common to this flower that it is called
  18. Your answer:

  19. Milan, Italy's second-largest city, is a hub of manufacturing and finance. This northern Italian city has no ancient ruins, as do Rome, Naples, and many other Italian cities. It is so modern in appearance that it almost seems not to belong to the same country as the others. Although Milan has many beautiful buildings, museums, and points of interest, many tourists interested in antiquities do not visit it because it has the reputation of being too
  20. Your answer:

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