Reading for Understanding Three #32B

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  1. In a few minutes the boundless prairies were blazing like infernal regions. Flocks of flycatchers thronged to the dense smoke to prey upon the innumerable insects that were trying to escape the
  2. Your answer:
    blazing forest.
    approaching fire.
    dense undergrowth.
    birds of prey.

  3. In past times, a king was often designated by the name of the country that he ruled. Shakespeare, in his historical plays, frequently said England or France when he referred to the king of one of these lands. For example, in King John, a player exclaims, when Hubert lifts up the dead body of Prince arthur, "How easily dost thou
  4. Your answer:
    profane the kingly body."
    remove him to England."
    take all England up."
    carry such corpulence."

  5. Radio waves travelling at the speed of light would take six hours to reach the planet Pluto from the earth. If there were someone on Pluto to whom we could send messages, we could ask a question and receive an answer twelve hours later. However, if our question would be misunderstood and the receiver on Pluto should have to ask us to repeat it, the answer to our original question would not come until
  6. Your answer:
    the next day.
    six ours later.
    Pluto moves closer.
    contact is made.

  7. In some of the strictest Muslim tribes, parents chose their son's bride when she was about ten years old. She then went to live in the house of her future husband and almost never left it. Then men might travel and study, but women were kept at home. In some Muslim countries, this situation has improved, but in others it has remained the same or become more oppressive. Change has been uneven in
  8. Your answer:
    the treatment of children.
    the responsibilities of husbands.
    the rights of parents.
    the status of wives.

  9. The ancients believed that the metal produced by subjecting ore to extremely high temperatures was formed by a union of stone, as they considered ore to be, and of fire. They reasoned that metals differed in quality because they were formed of different proportions of stone and fire. Shiny gold obviously contained more fire than did dull iron, so ambitious alchemists spent much time over smoky hearths trying to change iron into gold by
  10. Your answer:
    removing all fire from the iron.
    increasing its ratio of fire to stone.
    polishing its surface to glossiness.
    subjecting it to constant low heat.

  11. The frogs joined the merriment when the animals were celebrating the wedding of the sun. One wise old frog rebuked them saying,"One sun is enough to dry up all the ponds and pools. If the sun is married and has children who will be suns, what will become of us? You may be rejoicing over your own
  12. Your answer:

  13. A mangrove is a tropical tree that grows only in salt water. Roots grow down from its branches as the tree matures. At the mouth of a river, a large number of mangroves can form a thicket that sifts silt from the seawater as it enters the river. The silt deposits build up to form dry land. Because the mangrove roots need at least an occasional saltwater bath, the mangrove will die when
  14. Your answer:
    high tide occurs.
    silt washes away.
    the water is shallow.
    dry land is formed.

  15. Motion pictures from various parts of the world help children understand other countries and the people who live there. Some governments prepare films to send to other parts of the world to tell people how their citizens live. One result of such film distribution is an increase in international
  16. Your answer:

  17. The lamprey, an eellike fish with a voracious appetite, had killed off most of the lake trout and other food fish in the lake. The trout catch had dropped drastically to the serious detriment of the fishing villages and dependent industries. It was hoped that the employment of an effective lamprey killer, together with a restocking program would restore the natural balance in the lake and revitalize the
  18. Your answer:
    fishing industry.
    boating manufacturers.
    fish hatcheries.

  19. It was about 150 years after Anton van Leeuwenhoek discovered the existence of microscopic life that the theory of spontaneous generation (life originating out of dead matter) was discarded. Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) established absolutely that life reproduced life-that microbes, like all other forms of life, regenerated themselves. Pasteur's great discovery led to the realization that microorganisms can be classified into species, families, and classes, and that all forms of life
  20. Your answer:
    are of the same species.
    develop spontaneously.
    are microorganisms.
    reproduces themselves.

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