Reading for Understanding Three #31C

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  1. Elephant hunting may not be so dangerous as some people have thought, A herd of elephants will usually flee from a hunter but, if the hunter comes upon a herd of elephants at close range, they may charge. Since the elephant has very poor eyes, the hunter's best protection is to stay out of range of the elephant's
  2. Your answer:

  3. How many stars are there? On a clear night you can probably see about two thousand stars with your naked eye. With the aid of powerful telescopes, astronomers can photograph over thirty billion stars. We have to conclude that if we had still better and more powerful telescopes many more billions of stars might be found. How many stars are there?
  4. Your answer:
    Not enough.
    Only astronomers know.
    The number changes.
    No one knows.

  5. Parliamentary law is a body of rules governing the orderly conduct of a meeting. The rules date from early English legislative procedures and are now used in almost the same form in many government assemblies and in most organized club meetings. The name of the body of rules comes from the procedures and the customs of the
  6. Your answer:
    U.S. Senate.
    German Bundestag.
    Parent-Teacher Association.
    English Parliament.

  7. Most large nations make their own coins and currency, but some smaller, poorer nations have coins, currency, and stamps made in other countries. As nations become more prosperous, they usually prefer to
  8. Your answer:
    cast their own medals.
    make their own coins.
    mine their own precious metals.
    have their coins made in Europe.

  9. Kenesaw Mountain Landis was a federal judge in the United States who earned a reputation for integrity throughout his judicial career. Following a baseball scandal in 1919, when one team allowed another to win the World Series by devious means, Landis was appointed as the first commissioner of professional baseball. Through constant and determined effort, Landis cleared the game of corruption and earned for professional baseball, as he had for himself,
  10. Your answer:
    a successful judicial career.
    a reputation for honesty.
    a strange-sounding name.
    some critical comments.

  11. There are two kinds of medical treatment: one helps us to get well, and the other helps to prevent us from getting sick. Of the two, the first is used most because more people seek treatment
  12. Your answer:
    after they become ill.
    after it is too late.
    when the doctor is busy.
    when they are well.

  13. The story of Jean Valjean in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables reveals that Valjean was so poor that he had to steal bread to feed his sister. He was caught and jailed, but later he escaped, only to be tracked down and imprisoned again. Although the story ends happily, the theme seems to be that through social injustice,
  14. Your answer:
    poverty may lead to crime.
    people lose their wealth.
    the innocent suffer.
    the poor gain wealth.

  15. Do not delay to study philosophy while you are young. When you are old, do not become weary of the study, for the time is never unsuitable or too late to study the health of one's soul. Both young and old should
  16. Your answer:
    neglect study.
    be healthy.
    be weary.
    study philosophy.

  17. Large city newspapers exert a great influence on the beliefs and attitudes of their readers. Newspapers should report the news accurately; but most newspapers, through their editorial columns, are allowed to state their opinions. To be informed on both sides of issues, people should
  18. Your answer:
    read only the news section.
    choose the paper they agree with.
    listen to radio and television and not read.
    read more than one paper.

  19. The insides of shells were made into beads by the Indians who lived in the eastern section of North America. These beads, called wampum, were white, purple, or black and were used for decoration, money, and clothing. Wampum became the medium of exchange between the early North American colonists and the Indians. The value of most of the goods that the colonists and Indians purchased or sold depended upon how much these goods were worth
  20. Your answer:
    on the market.
    in dollars and cents.
    in English money.
    in wampum.

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