Reading for Understanding Three #31A

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  1. When the Greeks were defeated in their attempt to throw off the Macedonian yoke, the great Greek orator and writer Demosthenes had to flee for his life. When he was caught, he asked permission to write a letter. He then chewed his pen for a few moments as if thinking of what to write. For just such a crisis he had put poison in the hollow of the pen, and in a short time he trembled and fell dead. Demosthenes preferred death to
  2. Your answer:

  3. Those who do anything new, worthwhile or important run the risk of displeasing some people. The people who are afraid they will make enemies seldom
  4. Your answer:
    achieve greatness.
    put forth popular ideas.
    attain political success.
    live long.

  5. A military draft is a system of selecting soldiers for service in the armed forces. The government registers citizens and selects the number needed for active duty. A military draft is based on two principles: one, that citizens have an obligation to help defend their country; and two, that their country has the right to
  6. Your answer:
    excuse them from service.
    require them to serve.
    punish them for disloyalty.
    allow them to volunteer.

  7. A small private plane has about a dozen instruments the pilot must watch. Heavier commercial planes have many more dials and indicators, and a big jetliner has two complete sets of instruments, one in front of the pilot and one in front of the copilot. These two sets of instruments are for safety, since it is most unlikely that two independent instruments will
  8. Your answer:
    give the same information.
    fail at the same time.
    be easier to read.
    assure greater safety.

  9. The Chinese and East Indians carve beautiful boxes and sticks for fans from fragrant sandalwood. The Chinese grind the wood into powder and prepare incense from a paste made with the powder. When wealthy East Indian princes die, their funeral pyres are built of sandalwood. Although we use sandalwood oil in the preparation of perfume and medicines, we think of sandalwood as
  10. Your answer:
    valuable only when carved.
    one of our chief exports to Asia.
    too highly perfumed.
    an Oriental luxury.

  11. There are those who have been eminently successful in life who were not interested in school and who were not good students. They are exceptions, and we should not conclude that good schoolwork is not important any more than we should underestimate the seriousness of blindness because some blind people have
  12. Your answer:
    triumphed over their handicap.
    never wanted to see.
    developed a sixth sense.
    had successful operations.

  13. Political clashes will exist as long as the human race survives. A rational approach to the problem, then,is not to expect to eliminate conflict between nations, but to change the scene of these clashes from the battlefield to the
  14. Your answer:
    Olympic grounds.
    conference table.

  15. Although the feathers of the nesting pheasant, the partridge, and the wild duck have patterns that vary greatly, the overall effect is a protective coloration in each species that blends with its environment and makes the bird
  16. Your answer:
    all but invisible.

  17. All over the world, sheep are raised for wool and for meat. Sheep's wool is used more often than any other kind. The camel of Asia and of Africa, the angora goat of Asia Minor, and the llama and vicuna of South America all supply smaller quantities of the world's wool. The sheep is more important as a wool producer because it is
  18. Your answer:
    raised everywhere.
    solely domestic.
    very valuable.
    a rare animal.

  19. Words mean different things to different people. Each word that I use has, for me, a connotation derived from my whole life's experience. Since each life history is unique, face-to-face conversation is often like an imperfectly heard telephone conversation--
  20. Your answer:
    no one ever answers.
    the connection is poor.
    the receiver is slammed down.
    the line is usually busy.

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