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  1. The great horned owl is not liked by the farmer because this owl kills domestic fowls. The great horned owl is sometimes called the "tiger of the air" because it is strong and cruel and also because its huge wings carry it smoothly and quietly through the air, as the padded paws of the tiger allow it to approach its prey
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  3. The Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution states that a man may not be elected to the presidency for more than two terms. Some people argue that this law robs the people of the right to elect to the presidency any native American they choose. They believe that the right to make mistakes is implied in political freedom, and the people should not be deprived of the right to decide
  4. Your answer:
    whether to repeal a law
    who shall vote
    who shall hold office
    who is most democratic

  5. In a representative government, the leaders need be no worse than the people who elect them wish. The natural cure for an unsatisfactory administration, in a popular or representative government, is a change of
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  7. The leaders in many underdeveloped countries realize the importance of education, and the countries have compulsory school laws. The educational levels of these countries rise slowly, however. Many children must work to help support their families, and these children are not sent to school. There is a scarcity of school buildings and of
  8. Your answer:
    school-age children
    trained teachers

  9. Among primitive people magic was the practice of trying to control events by supernatural means. Magicians were believed to be able to communicate with the spirits of the dead, to foretell future events, to place a curse on people, and to do many other things. When we speak of magic today, we really mean sleight of hand. We enjoy the performance of a magician not because we believe he can do supernatural things but because we do not
  10. Your answer:
    know that we are being fooled
    think he is clever
    understand his techniques
    admire his talent

  11. A popular and widely reprinted cartoon of the early twentieth century is captioned "The Price of Prominence." It is designed to show that people in high places are more likely to be the subjects of attacks than are more insignificant people. The tree in the cartoon grows on a high, prominent peak, where it is more likely to
  12. Your answer:
    be struck by lightning
    receive ample moisture
    remain uncut
    shade other trees

  13. Cultures change through two basic processes: borrowing and invention. Borrowing occurs most frequently. Our own Western culture borrowed tobacco, squash, corn, and potatoes from the American Indian cultures. Invention involves the creative organization of ideas into new additions to a culture. Invention brings about the only method of cultural change that is
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  15. Until the development of steam power, any culture containing a subtantial leisure class was necessarily founded on a massive bedrock of human slavery for the accomplishment of the toil needed to maintain the leisure class. After steam was harnessed to do a man's bidding, many people were afforded leisure paid for by the energy of coal rather than by the
  16. Your answer:
    exertion of human muscles
    undeserved leisure of others
    exercise of mechanical forces
    utilization of natural power

  17. In some parts of Asia where water is very scarce, men and women carry water in sheepskins or goatskins and sell it to the housewives. Where water is so very scarce, it is not surprising that the people are forced to low standards of
  18. Your answer:

  19. Southeast Asia is made up of several independent nations, each with its own particular history of colonialism. Each of these nations has very little to do with the rest. The leaders rarely meet one another; trade between them is all but nonexistent; and their closest ties are with the large nations of the world. In a manner of speaking, the United States and Great Britain are closer to a Southeast Asian nation than
  20. Your answer:
    the Western nations
    its geographical neighbors
    the Pacific Ocean
    the Atlantic Ocean

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