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  1. In ancient times conquerors levied on their subjects a tax of one-tenth of the products of the land as a tribute to the gods who had given them victory. Hebrew law exacted as a religious offering a toll of one-tenth, called a tithe, of the fruits of the land. Christian churches ask no definite contribution of people, but some sects tithe and many people voluntarily tithe. This is not a tax set by the church. It is
  2. Your answer:
    an involuntary gift
    a hardship on many
    the individual's decision
    deductible income tax

  3. Color in speech or in writing may be amusing, but in order to secure the interest of our listeners we often neglect to be as accurate as we should be. We may make so many interpretations of the original facts or ideas that they are
  4. Your answer:
    expressed accurately
    clearly formulated
    easily understood
    quite disfigured

  5. During the latter part of the fifteenth century, the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama founded a colony on the island of Tidore in southeastern Asia. He had reached this spot by sailing eastward around the southern tip of Africa. In 1521 the Spanish explorer Magellan reached the same spot after sailing westward around the southern tip of South America. Scientists had long been convinced that the earth was a globe, but the meeting of the two groups of explorers
  6. Your answer:
    surprised no one
    upset scientific theories
    surprised everyone
    convinced more people

  7. Zinc can be melted down to form a coating substance. This metallic element also has the valuable characteristic of resisting rust. These two qualities make zinc a good substance for
  8. Your answer:
    protecting other metals
    medicinal purposes
    cleansing metals
    treating dead wood

  9. The people of the Netherlands, popularly called Hollanders or Dutch, have increased the land area of their country for cultivation by building dikes around a lake, marsh, or sea area to keep it from flooding. The water within the diked area is drained off into canals. The newly drained, dike-protected land is called a polder. Most of the land in the western part of the Netherlands is reclaimed land. This land is flat and
  10. Your answer:
    is of little value
    is flooded during ocean storms
    is good fishing ground
    lies below sea level

  11. The thyroid gland, located in the neck, regulates body metabolism. If there is a lack of iodine in a person's diet, the thyroid gland may become enlarged, resulting in the condition we call goiter. In areas near the ocean, foods usually contain enough iodine to prevent goiters, but in some inland regions where iodine is scarce, the condition frequently occurs. In these inland regions, most people protect themselves from enlargement of the thyroid gland by the use of
  12. Your answer:
    freshwater fish
    iodized salt
    reducing diets
    iodine deficiency

  13. Molds can be very annoying when they develop on our food or on our clothes. One useful thing they accomplish, though, is to cause dead plants and animals to decay. You might say that molds are
  14. Your answer:
    killers of plants and animals
    annoying in all ways
    useful in every way
    nature's garbage disposers

  15. An analysis of the wealth of a community should include a consideration of both material goods and personal services. The physician, the entertainer, and the domestic employee do not sell goods but in a sense they sell their services. Those who render services to the community are, in this sense, important parts of the community's
  16. Your answer:

  17. Gymnastic exercises are practiced less in the United States than in many other countries. As a consequence, U.S. teams have not done well in Olympic gymnastic competition. Some of our physical education leaders, who are concerned about the lack of physical fitness in our young people, think that we should put more emphasis on
  18. Your answer:
    good diet

  19. The walls of the brick houses were veiled a delicate fretwork of snow, the carvings on the black walnut doors were illuminated with a new elegance, and every window casing framed a separate picture for the study of the artist. Every ornamental iron fence was adorned with a white tracery far more graceful than the original lines; every plain post was crowned a king; even the clothesline in the backyards became great cables, big enough to hold a ship in mooring. Nothing had been too grand, nothing too common to undergo a beautiful transformation. People awoke to find the city
  20. Your answer:

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