Reading for Understanding Three #27B

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  1. Deceptive paintwork is used to camouflage military installations, but clever painting alone does not hide the objects. If any painted object throws a shadow, it can be detected by a field glass or camera lens. Consquently, camouflage or disguise of military installations must blend--by light, shade, and shape--into the landscape. Gun emplacements on a flat surface must look flat; for jungle fighting, soldiers' uniforms must be shaded to resemble
  2. Your answer:
    the enemy.
    flat surfaces.
    wild animals.

  3. Education should be as gradual as the moonrise, perceptible not in progress but in
  4. Your answer:

  5. Many more applicants were qualified for the job than could be accepted. Therefore, the employment board was forced to
  6. Your answer:
    hire all qualified applicants.
    answer all questions.
    make an arbitrary choice.
    withdraw the job.

  7. Greek mythology tells of Atlas, who picked the golden apples from a tree guarded by a dragon. Mighty Atlas killed the dragon and then picked the fruit. From the description of the fruit, modern readers think that, instead of apples, Atlas must have picked
  8. Your answer:

  9. I wonder how many of you have had the experience of wearing hand-me-down clothes. Actually, one can say that those clothes were never really yours, for clothes have a way of adjusting to the first wearer's body--the shapes of the shoulder, the turn of the knee. Thus, it seems as if no matter how many times an outfit changes hands,
  10. Your answer:
    only the last wearer can claim it.
    it still belongs to the first wearer.
    it is always good enough for one more wearing.
    if it is a good outfit, it retains its original shape.

  11. A plane that passes through the middle of the earth cuts the surface in a great circle. The great circle is thus the true circumference of the earth. A great circle through any two points on the earth's surface is the shortest distance between those points. Both aircraft and ships use the great-circle-routes, but they are of particular interest to aircraft, which do not have to
  12. Your answer:
    count the cost.
    travel round land.

  13. At a certain small college, independence of thought is encouraged above all else. Students often gather in small groups for discussions on every imaginable topic. Textbooks are not used in courses although the library facilities are excellent. Students are encouraged to seek out and to understand the thought of others, but in no case are they allowed to slip into the intellectually lazy habit of substituting the ideas of anyone else for
  14. Your answer:
    their own mental efforts.
    the wisdom of their teachers.
    the practical values of life.
    the cooperative enterprise.

  15. Combustible materials must combine with oxygen and reach their kindling temperature before they will burn. Knowing this, one is able to prevent fires or to put them out either by cutting off the supply of oxygen or by bringing down the temperature below the kindling point. Water is an excellent fire preventive and extinguisher for certain types of fires because it
  16. Your answer:
    will combine with oxygen.
    can be heated or cooled.
    boils so slowly.
    will smother and cool.

  17. Among the earliest women to hold political power was Hatshepsut, who was the first woman pharoh in history. She reigned during the fifteenth century B.C. in Egypt. She was the actual political power behind the throne of her husband, and after his death, she ruled openly. She broke the war-making traditions of the pharohs, and her reign was one of
  18. Your answer:

  19. The druids, a priestly class of the ancient Celts in France, England and Ireland, worshipped some gods similar to those of the ancient Greeks and Romans, but they gave them different names. We know little of druid rites because they passed their teachings on by spoken word and swore their members to secrecy. They had no
  20. Your answer:
    written records.
    religious ceremonies.

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