Reading for Understanding Three #27A

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  1. It is natural to have feelings of love, pride, understanding, interest and loyalty for the country of one's birth. We call these sentiments patriotism. Immigrants to a new country take an oath of loyalty when they become citizens and are often as strongly patriotic as native-born citizens. We do not expect immigrants to forget their love for their mother country, but we do expect complete loyalty to their
  2. Your answer:
    native land.
    adopted country.
    alma mater.

  3. A new survey showed that one hundred new industrial jobs in a community can create additional jobs, households, retail stores, residents in the community, personal income per year, and retail sales per year. Because of this phenomenon in growth, municipal and regional governments and individual citizens are trying to
  4. Your answer:
    encourage emigration.
    collect higher taxes.
    pay higher wages.
    attract new industries.

  5. Truth, like beauty, is sufficient unto itself. The cause of knowledge needs no partisan support; it stands on
  6. Your answer:
    a shaky foundation.
    its partisan support.
    its own merits.

  7. There are a number of nuclear power plants now built or under construction by the government and by investor-owned power companies. Although most of the electricity used in the world is generated in steam or hydroelectric power plants, nuclear plants will help to meet increasing demands for
  8. Your answer:
    safe investments.
    electrical appliances.
    weapons research.
    electric power.

  9. The Greek historian, Polybius, depicted history as a cycle that is kept revolving by excessive power. Once rulers gain power, they strive to gain more until they abuse their authority to such an extent that their subjects rise against them. After their deposition, a new authority is established, but the same fault is in it. Therefore, each government is overthrown because of its
  10. Your answer:
    lack of control.
    greed for power.
    inherent wickedness.
    attempts at benevolence.

  11. The Chinese have played an important role in the making of fine porcelain. Fine vases from early periods may be seen in museums. The shapes, glazes and hues of these objects are beautiful. Some of the vases have a cracked finish, sometimes thought to be a fault or the effect of age. As a matter of fact, this cracked finish was intentional and could be controlled by the
  12. Your answer:

  13. Chandeliers originally were used to hold candles, but modern chandeliers usually have more modern lights, principally electric lights. Literally, chandelier means a holder for candles, but if you should see one with candles today, you would know it is
  14. Your answer:

  15. The word antecdote refers to a short tale of some person. Often, it is an unpublished recolletion. Dotage is a word meaning old age. Disraeli, English politician and writer, once combined the two words to mean a period in one's life. He believed that when persons fall into their anecdotage, it is a sign for them to retire from the world. Disraeli meant that telling stories of youth is often a popular pastime with
  16. Your answer:
    young people
    old people.

  17. Sugarcane supplies over half of the world's supply of sugar. It will not grow where there is frost. Sugarcane matures in about eight months in a rich, moist soil. It is perennial, and a single planting will last as long as twelve years in
  18. Your answer:
    hot summers.
    rocky soils.
    sugar storehouses.
    tropical or semi-tropical climates.

  19. During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, when European explorers were finding routes to the New World, Portuguese ships were the first to reach Brazil. Although Brazil is an independent country now, the lasting influence of the Portuguese is shown by the fact that Brazil is the only country in South America where
  20. Your answer:
    coffee is exported.
    Portuguese is the native language.
    a republic was founded.
    large cities were built.

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