Reading for Understanding Three #26B

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  1. Crude oil contains a mixture of gasoline, kerosene and heavy oils. If crude oil is heated, the gasoline, which has the lowest boiling point, becomes a gas, which can then be drawn off and condensed into gasoline. If the mixture is heated further, kerosene gas can be drawn off and condensed. The heavy oils that have the highest boiling point are drawn off last. This process of separating the components of crude oil would not be possible if they all had
  2. Your answer:
    the same boiling point.
    to be condensed.
    lower boiling points.
    higher boiling points.

  3. The lovely flower we know as the pansy gets its name from a French verb meaning "to think." Knowing the origin of the name pansy, we can understand why Shakespeare used these words in "Hamlet." They are: "There's rosemary, that's for remembrance;...and there is pansies, that's for
  4. Your answer:

  5. No specimens of textiles from the time of the Mayan civilization in Central America have survived the climate. The figures in the monuments that remain are often shown draped in garments with intricate woven patterns and with embroidered ornamentation. Archaeologists conclude that the Mayans were
  6. Your answer:
    relatively inartistic.
    ignorant of fabrics.
    exporters of cloth.
    excellent weavers.

  7. Although the general public has become somewhat enlightened about the function and goals of education, even more information about the subject must be dispensed by educators. The people can act efficiently only in the light of principles that are generally understood and in support of institutions about which they are
  8. Your answer:

  9. Cooks in the United States have adopted many dishes from other nations. Everyone knows Italian spaghetti, Swiss cheese, German sauerkraut, and Mexican chili. Bakeries offer bread and pastries from many lands. The U.S. taste in food is quite
  10. Your answer:

  11. In many schools, there is an organization for student government. This gives students an opportunity to participate in the management of student affairs. The officers and representatives on the student council are elected by the students. Student government provides participation in
  12. Your answer:
    class laboratory activities.
    a democratic form of government.
    interscholastic athletics.
    social activities.

  13. Since magic is not completely understood, it can be completely terrifying. In the ancient world, where mysterious spirits were believed responsible even for many ordinary phenomena, people were governed by the emotion of
  14. Your answer:

  15. Agricultural scientists foster and encourage the use of natural enemies to combat plant pests. Since these natural enemies are not enough to keep some insect pests in check on the modern highly productive farms, the use of insecticides is prevalent. A twenty-year study of cotton production proved that without the use of chemical insecticides, the yields from cotton crops would be reduced by 40 percent per year. Agricultural experts also maintain that the production of many kinds of marketable fruits and vegetables would be impossible without the use of insecticides. The modern farmer regards chemical insecticides as
  16. Your answer:
    economic necessities.
    too costly.
    natural enemies.

  17. An organization or a corporation may consist of thousands of employees, but the average person may form a judgment of the whole on the basis of contact with one employee. If this employee is inefficient or rude, it will take a great deal of efficiency and courtesy to
  18. Your answer:
    get rid of the offending member.
    educate the whole staff.
    establish new regulations.
    overcome the bad impression.

  19. In golf, as in many other sports, timing and coordination are more important than brute force. Individuals of varying statures have become great golfers. As Alexander Pope said,
  20. Your answer:
    "Get there firstest with the mostest."
    "More brawn than brain."
    "Everything nurses what is strong already."
    "It is not strength, but art obtains the prize."

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