Reading for Understanding Three #26A

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  1. The English Parliament has been making England's laws since 1265. The Althing, as the national assembly of Iceland is called, was established in 920 and has been in continuous existence ever since. The kingdom of Castile in Spain established a parliamentary organization in 1188. The English Parliament has been called the mother of parliaments because so many legislative bodies have been patterned after it, but it is not
  2. Your answer:
    the most modern.
    the oldest.
    the largest.

  3. Marco Polo was a young man when he journeyed with his father and uncle from his home in Venice overland to China. Marco learned the language in China and was trusted by the ruler, Emperor Kublai Khan. When the great Khan died, the Polos returned to Italy after an absence of twenty-four years. Marco was taken prisoner in a war between Venice and Genoa in 1298; while he was in prison, he dictated the story of his adventure in the East. It was called The Book of Marco Polo. The book influenced European merchants to travel to the East in search of the wonderful treasures that Marco Polo
  4. Your answer:

  5. Mention of the word "skeleton" is often met with distaste or repugnance because most people think that a skeleton cannot be exposed without the death and disintegration of the flesh that it supported. Nature has supplied us with many interesting and beautiful examples of skeletons: the flexible outer covering of the shrimp and lobster, the shell of the mollusk, the rigid outer plate of the turtle or tortoise, and many others. The skeletons of all of these animals are seen while the animals are alive because the bony structures are
  6. Your answer:
    easily removed.
    found in abundance.

  7. Their steel industry is vital to the economy of that nation. It employs a very large force of both skilled and unskilled workers. It is the backbone of many basic industries. When the steel mills are shut down,
  8. Your answer:
    the cost of living decreases.
    new industries open.
    a national emergency arises.
    the price of steel decreases.

  9. A legislative body may cut off debate on an issue by voting to effect cloture, or closure, and take a vote on the issue under debate. A democracy fosters free and open debate, believing that this is necessary to promote minorities and to arrive at sound decisions; unless debate is limited, a minority may prevent an issue from coming to a vote by continuing to
  10. Your answer:

  11. The water surrounding Great Britain absorbs great quantities of heat from the sun's rays. Since heat always tends to flow back from the warmer to the cooler, and since at night the temperature of the air above the ocean is warmer and that above the land is cooler, some of the heat from the ocean is given back to the land. Thus, the water surrounding the British Isles is chiefly responsible for their
  12. Your answer:
    violent storms.
    severe winters.
    fishing industry.
    temperate climates.

  13. Efforts to persuade the United States government to build the Panama Canal were met with opposition from some members of the business community. During the Spanish-American War, the United States sent the battleship "Oregon" from San Francisco to Cuba, and it had to travel around the tip of South America, a distance of 21,000 kilometers. If there had been a canal, the travel distance would have been 7400 kilometers. People were then convinced that a canal across the Isthmus of Panama was important for the
  14. Your answer:
    United States railways.
    Cuban government.
    security of the United States.
    elimination of disease.

  15. To the pioneer settlers of this part of the country, the blooming of the redbud tree, sometimes called the Judas tree, was a sign that spring had really come. There might be a light snow after that, but it would melt quickly. The ground was warm, and it was time for
  16. Your answer:

  17. These mountain peaks will not be conquered easily by a person who lacks climbing experience. The Mountain Climbers' Club advises climbers not to try to scale these peaks until they have
  18. Your answer:
    read about climbers.
    joined a party of climbers.
    climbed other mountains.
    become club members.

  19. Soil is constantly being formed at or near the surface of the earth as a result of changes in the underlying materials. Soil is also constantly being carried away at the surface by the processes of erosion. If the rate of formation of the soil exceeds that of its removal by erosion,
  20. Your answer:
    the depth of the soil decreases.
    very little soil can be formed.
    the depth of the soil increases.
    erosive processes are inactive.

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