Reading for Understanding Three #25C

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  1. A pedigree is the record of an animal's or a plant's family. Keeping a record of animal pedigrees has enabled breeders to develop fine varieties of domestic animals. A good example is the breeding of fine racehorses. The livestock exhibited at fairs and expositions often have
  2. Your answer:
    racing records.
    few offspring.
    good pedigrees.

  3. Greek legend tells how a beautiful city got its name. Zeus said that the city would be named for the deity who gave the city the best gift. Neptune presented the people of the city with a horse, but Zeus thought Athena's gift of the olive tree, a symbol of peace, to be worthier. Hence, the city was named
  4. Your answer:

  5. Disagreeable or too loud sounds can be so annoying to workers that their efficiency is reduced. Acoustical engineers have made many factories more pleasant to work in by the use of insulating materials that reduce noice. At the same time, the productivity of the workers is often
  6. Your answer:

  7. It is not a very good symptom when either nations or individuals deal in prophecy. The bounty of the present suffices the happy, and its duties engage the wise. Our grand business undoubtedly is not to see what lies dimly at a distance but to do what is clearly
  8. Your answer:
    at hand.

  9. The lentil is an ancient plant, popularly used for soup in Europe and Asia. The seeds, which are the edible part of the plant, are shaped like a double convex lens, but this is not why they are called lentils. On the contrary, the lens gets its name from being
  10. Your answer:
    made of plastics.
    shaped like a lentil seed.
    the work of a scientist named Lenz.
    the size of a lentil seed.

  11. A bull that was being chased by a lion took refuge in a cave. The wild goats that lived in the cave began to butt the bull with their horns, but it did not leave. It preferred, as people sometimes do, to put up with annoyances rather than to risk
  12. Your answer:

  13. Geographically, the Iberian peninsula, which comprises Spain and Portugal, is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, except for the three hundred miles that join it to France. This land border is the rugged Pyrenees Mountains, which can be crossed by road through only ten passes. It is likely that Spain's cultural isolation is in no small way a result of its
  14. Your answer:
    form of government.
    geographical isolation.
    lack of universities.
    religious traditions.

  15. Employment usually begins to rise in spring as the weather improves. Winter weather lasted longer than usual one year, and the seasonal upward trend in employment
  16. Your answer:
    came late.

  17. Many cities are paying increased attention to city planning. Streets are laid out better; the location and design of public buildings receive the attention of architects and engineers; residential property and business property are zoned for both beauty and use. City officials have learned that haphazard development does not produce
  18. Your answer:
    good schools.
    recreational facilities.
    adequate protection.
    attractive cities.

  19. What a wonderful work is a newspaper--a work of art and science! We find in a daily journal everything from the notices relating to the most obscure individuals to the speech that is delivered from the highest tribunal and affects all intelligences; from the passing thought excited by the account of a dance to the criticism on works of art destined to immortality. A newspaper is
  20. Your answer:
    the encyclopedia of our day.
    an obstacle in the search for truth.
    meaningless the day after its publication.
    of interest only to writers and orators.

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