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  1. The protective devices nature provides for some of its weaklings vary widely: the groundlike color of the mole, the repulsive odor of the skunk, and the dangerous venom of the serpent. Although these mechanisms were developed to save creatures from extinction, the poison mechanism of some snakes is to man and beast a
  2. Your answer:
    source of immunity
    source of wonder
    natural safeguard
    deadly peril

  3. As civilization has advanced, most women have won the right to become educated, to own property, to earn their living in the professions and in business, and finally, to have a voice in making the laws and in choosing elected officials of the government at all levels. In 1920 the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States gave women equal rights with men in all elections. In most uncivilized parts of the world, however, women
  4. Your answer:
    are considered inferior to men
    are considered equal with men
    do all the hard work
    wear primitive jewelry

  5. Of the eleven long-run plays in New York City that closed between December 1,1961, and December 1,1962, or were still running at the end of that period, seven were musical shows. Of the fifty-one plays that opened during that year, fourteen were musicals. The nonmusical plays seem to have less chance of having
  6. Your answer:
    sophisticated audiences
    an early death
    long runs
    good reviews

  7. A third-party presidential candidate in the United States has never succeeded in being elected. A third political party is usually formed to bring a particular issue into focus. Many believe that third parties have given voters a chance to express themselves on issues the major parties have
  8. Your answer:

  9. A heart condition known as fibrillation occurs when the heart's muscle fibers do not work together properly. The effect is that the heart beats with an irregular rhythm and with a fluttering and quivering rather than with the strong, regular contractions of a heart that operates with
  10. Your answer:
    an artificial valve
    fibrillatory movements
    proper coordination
    decreased pressure

  11. A lad was introduced to the great philosopher Socrates as a brilliant child with great promise. When Socrates asked the boy whether he thought a great deal, the boy replied, "No, but I wonder a lot." Socrates in turn replied that the boy was truly a lover of wisdom, for wisdom begins with
  12. Your answer:

  13. Canoeing is a sport requiring great skill. The best way to paddle a canoe is to kneel in the canoe while propping oneself against a narrow seat. For long trips in canoes that are maneuvered in this manner, it would be advisable to take along
  14. Your answer:
    extra paddles
    water jugs
    outboard motors
    kneeling pads

  15. Some animals eat only one particular plant or other animal. Most animals depend on a relatively limited number of foods. The human species, on the other hand, can and does live on a wide variety of foods. One people's diet in one part of the world is very different from that of another people in another part of the world. Another evidence of human ability to adapt to many kinds of environment is seen in variations in housing. Men can build shelter from
  16. Your answer:
    many materials.

  17. Campaigns of all kinds use the motto, "Get on the bandwagon!" "Join the crowd!" and "Move with the current!" These slogans are appealing because many people tend to want to
  18. Your answer:
    do as others do.
    try new methods.
    be individuals.
    support a minority.

  19. It is instinctive for chickens to peck. A very young chick will peck at small objects on the ground around it. The chick's pecking becomes more accurate with practice. The chick also learns to select food particles it likes and to avoid things that are not pleasant to its taste, such as bitter caterpillars. Although pecking is instinctive for chickens, the instinct is
  20. Your answer:
    learned by other animals.
    modified through experience.
    fully developed at birth.
    worn out by use.

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