Reading for Understanding Three #23B

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  1. Many of us scowl at coworkers who refuse to break, for our convenience, some rule of the firm. We may even complain to them vociferously, but we are wasting our efforts, for they are not empowered to change any regulations. If we really believe that the rule should be altered, we can act most effectively by taking our complaints to an executive of the firm who
  2. Your answer:
    is authorized to change the rule
    is used to complaints
    will fire the minor employee
    heartily dislikes the rule

  3. The ancient Greeks supposed that the northern part of the earth was inhabited by a happy people called the Hyperboreans. These people were never subjected to disease, old age, warfare, or work. Indeed, they dwelt in their land with everlasting
  4. Your answer:

  5. Whenever power removes all checks from its path to make its career easy, it triumphantly rides into its ultimate crash of death. Its moral brake becomes slacker every day without its knowing it, and its slippery path of ease
  6. Your answer:
    becomes its road to success
    leads to a high moral order
    becomes its path of doom
    leads to an ultimate triumph

  7. The United States Constitution orginally provided that the representatives to the House be elected directly by the people and that the representatives to the Senate be elected by their state legislatures. As a result, senators generally represented their state governments rather than the people. But after the adoption of the Seventeenth Amendment in 1913, which provided that senators be elected by direct popular vote, the members of both houses of Congress have represented the
  8. Your answer:
    state governments

  9. In many respects, the literature of the Romantic period is a direct reaction to the literature of the Augustan period that preceded it. Whereas the poetry of the Augustans was classical and regular, Romantic poets often wrote experimental and erratic verse. While the Augustans eschewed excess in any form, the Romantics revelled in extremes. Augustan respect for polished and refined skill was replaced by Romantic emphasis on individual creative impulse and inspiration. Indeed, the relationship between the Augustans and Romantics might meaningfully be described as one of
  10. Your answer:

  11. In the democracy of the dead, all are at last equal. There is neither rank nor station nor prerogative in the republic of the
  12. Your answer:

  13. The author of the editorial is thoroughly pessimistic because no one seems to be really concerned that the government is spending huge amounts of money to send tanks, planes, and weapons to several small nations, trusting that, if war comes, these nations will
  14. Your answer:
    stay out of it
    evacuate their cities
    pay for them when they can
    aim them in the right direction

  15. With the development of modern methods of transport and communication, the rural areas and even many of the previously inaccessible areas of the world have become less
  16. Your answer:

  17. To be successful at sales, a person must have a lawyer's clear expression, a minister's sincerity, a teacher's power of explanation, a parent's understanding, and a senator's diplomacy. True ability at selling is, in a manner of speaking, a combination of
  18. Your answer:
    quality products
    good explanations
    mass production
    many abilities

  19. John Keats, the great English poet, lived only to express the beauty of the world through his writings. After seven years of studying surgery, he decided that his true calling was elsewhere. He said, "I find I cannot exist without
  20. Your answer:

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