Reading for Understanding Three #23A

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  1. Snow is made up of six-sided ice crystals. Light is reflected by the surface of the crystals and makes snow appear white. In some arctic regions snow sometimes seems to turn red or green on the ground because of microscopic plants that are reflected by the snow after it has
  2. Your answer:
    started to fall.

  3. In the writings of the Italian author Dante, we can read of a strange encounter between a man and a serpent, bitter enemies. After afflicting each other with dreadful wounds, they stand and glare at each other. A cloud surrounds them, and a fascinating metamorphosis ensues. The serpent's tail divides into two legs; the man's legs intertwine to form a tail. The body of the serpent puts forth arms; the arms of the man shrink into his body. Each is transfigured into the likeness of
  4. Your answer:
    a human form.
    its antagonist.
    its idea.
    a metamorphosis

  5. The Pan-American Union, formed in 1890, consisted of the United States and twenty Latin American countries south of the United States. Its purpose was to create closer economic, cultural, and political relations among the member states. The Organization of American States (OAS), formed in 1948, has the purpose of fostering cooperation in economic, political, social and cultural fields. It also united the Latin American countries and the United States in a bloc to defend the countries of the Western Hemisphere against attack. The important difference in the two organizations is that
  6. Your answer:
    Cuba is not a member of the OAS.
    the Pan American Union is the newer.
    only the OAS has any military implications.
    the Pan American Union has a building in Washington.

  7. "Farther than the arrow, higher than wings, fly poet's song and prophet's word." This inscription is on the door of a
  8. Your answer:

  9. Anyone whose job is to gather, edit, or report news is considered to be a journalist. A meeting of journalists would include feature writers, editors, newsreel camera operators, radio and television commentators and newscasters, and numerous other people who are responsible for keeping the public informed. A newspaper reporter is
  10. Your answer:
    the only professional journalist.
    the most experienced journalist.
    not the only kind of journalist.
    not considered a journalist.

  11. The manufacturing of iron and steel is the most important industry of the state of Alabama in the United States. Most of the state's huge steel plants, smelters, and furnaces are in the city of Birmingham. It is appropriate that the large iron statue overlooking the city of Birmingham is of the Roman god
  12. Your answer:
    Vulcan, the god of fire.
    Mars, the god of war.
    Jupiter, the king of the gods.
    Mercury, the messenger of the gods.

  13. A nineteenth century anthropologist said that culture is that complex whole that includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, customs, and any and all other capabilities and habits acquired by human beings as members of society. This anthropologist belonged to the school of thought that considers culture the sum of
  14. Your answer:
    people's writings.
    ancient customs.
    technological advances.
    human achievements.

  15. It is estimated that more than 800 different languages are spoken in Africa. This fact is a hindrance to mass communication, and European languages are still widely used there
  16. Your answer:
    by all people.
    for religious books.
    in mass media.
    in isolated areas.

  17. The changing temperature of the sea, the current and movement of the tides, and the regularly occurring seasonal changes constantly affect the amount and location of the food supply of saltwater fish. Consequently, the number of saltwater fish and their locations are
  18. Your answer:
    always the same.
    constantly fluctuating.
    easily determined.

  19. A famous English citizen of the seventeenth century, a staunch supporter of the Established Church, made the following observation about the church reforms that were being called for by the Puritans of the day: "Alteration of religion is dangerous, because we know not where it will stay: 'tis like a millstone that lies upon the top of a pair of stairs; "tis hard to remove it, but if it once be thrust off the first stair, it
  20. Your answer:
    stops on the first step."
    never stays till it comes to the bottom."
    makes a loud noise."
    does considerable damage to the steps."

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