Reading for Understanding Three #22C

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  1. There are scraps from the table of wisdom that will, if well digested, yield strong nourishment to the
  2. Your answer:

  3. The Apostle Paul wrote to his pupil Timothy that "the love of money is the root of all evil." Paul did not say that the trouble is with money itself, but with people's
  4. Your answer:
    use of money.
    indifference to money.
    attitudes towards money.
    waste of money.

  5. The African Cape buffaloes have changed their living habits. They used to feed by day and sleep at night. Now they come out only at night. Some people believe that these buffaloes have some way of knowing that the dreaded tsetse fly, which carries the germ fatal to so many buffaloes, does not
  6. Your answer:
    live in South Africa.
    fly at night.
    like daylight.
    have a long life.

  7. As you drive a car on a straight road where the sun is beating down, you may seem to see a shimering wet stretch ahead. When you reach the spot, it is not wet at all. The wet place is simply
  8. Your answer:
    a lake.
    dried up.
    an illusion.
    a hoax.

  9. If it were only for a vocabulary, scholars would be covetous of action. Life is our dictionary. Years are well spent in country occupations; in town; in the insight into trades and manufactures; in frank exchanges with many men and women; in science; in art; to the one end of mastering in all their facts a language by which to illustrate and embody our perceptions. When people speak, I learn immediately how much they have already lived, through the poverty or the richness of their
  10. Your answer:

  11. Many students are studying other languages. It is impossible to know which language one will need at some future time. If all pupils studied their own language and another language, the second language being the same for children all over the world, it would not be long until all people would have the ability to speak and understand a universal language. It does not seem hard to get agreement on the need for a universal language; the difficulty is to decide upon
  12. Your answer:
    an artificial language.
    the particular language.

  13. The importance of physical fitness has long been recognized. Some countries place more emphasis on gymnastics and organized sports in the schools than do others. In the United States there are athletic teams, but most students are spectators. There is increasing conviction that the physical fitness system should
  14. Your answer:
    be eliminated in American schools.
    help all students.
    have no athletic scholarships.
    produce more winning teams.

  15. If we trace English back far enough, we find that at one time it was as different from modern English as a foreign language is. This illustrates that one of the basic characteristics of language is
  16. Your answer:

  17. If, by having my way completely, I prevent you from getting exactly what you want, perhaps we can avoid an argument and still both be partially satisfied if we modify our demands until
  18. Your answer:
    compromise becomes impossible.
    we do not want anything.
    I can get what I want.
    our desires are compatible.

  19. Excessive rainfall washes away some of the plant food in the soil. Where the amount of rainfall matches the needs of plants, the plants use the moisture, and there is no great loss of plant food. More fertilizer has to be used in
  20. Your answer:
    newly cleared fields.
    areas of excessive rainfall.
    the temperate zone.
    dry climates.

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