Reading for Understanding Three #22B

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  1. United States citizens wishing to travel in most foreign countries must secure a passport, or permission to travel abroad, from the U.S. Department of State. These passports vouch for their citizenship. Some foreign countries require travellers to have their passports approved for travel in those particular countries. This approval is called a visa and is stamped on foreigners' passports. If a particular country refuses a visa to a traveller, then that traveller may not
  2. Your answer:
    travel abroad without it.
    obtain a passport.
    obtain visas for other countries.
    enter that country legally.

  3. There are those who do not understand Shakespeare but, nevertheless, affect admiration for his works merely to appear cultured. One sometimes hears his sonnets recited by persons who do not know the
  4. Your answer:
    rhythm of the verse.
    fame of the author.
    origin of their inspiration.
    meaning of the lines.

  5. In 1831, when twenty-two-year-old Cyrus Hall McCormick demonstrated the reaper he had invented, the farmhands who watched were doubtful whether it would work. They had to admit that the machine did a good job and did it much faster than they could have done it with their scythes. The use of farm machinery became an important factor in increased
  6. Your answer:

  7. The Eskimos have many words for different kinds of snow. The Arabs have hundreds of words for various camels. The Arabic language has one word for snow, and the Eskimos have no word for camel. Arabs are vitally concerned with camels as Eskimos are with snow, but Arabs rarely see snow nor do Eskimos see camels. The English language has only two words for camel and only one for snow because these objects
  8. Your answer:
    are hard to describe.
    require careful description.
    are not our vital concern.
    are never seen.

  9. Every year the Dutch Polder Authority reclaims thousands of additional acres of land from the sea. These reclaimed lands, called polders--land inside dikes--have to be drained, desalted, fertilized, planted, and harvested. They are among the most productive farmlands on the earth. No wonder the people of the Netherlands say: "God created the world, but
  10. Your answer:
    gave us all the land."
    gave us a headstart."
    the Dutch created Holland."
    we can get no land."

  11. The ancient Greeks were interested in the arts, and they have left us many examples of their work. Literature was their most important bequest, but we also have many examples of their sculpture and architecture. Painting was also a Greek art, but almost all of this work has been lost. For the most part, only on some beautifully decorated vases can we see examples of Greek
  12. Your answer:

  13. Windsor, Ontario is just across the Detroit River from Detroit, Michigan. Traffic between the two cities goes over, on and under the river. One may take a boat, drive or walk over a bridge or use the
  14. Your answer:

  15. A country, by one political definition, is an area of land that has a definite boundary, an independent government and an exact name. Since World War II, the number of countries has greatly increased because many colonies of large countries have
  16. Your answer:
    increased in size.
    gained independence.
    chosen a flag.
    restored tradition.

  17. An eighteenth century English poet wrote:

    Absence of occupation is not rest,

    A mind quite vacant is a mind distressed."

    Many people do not learn this lesson until they have
  18. Your answer:

  19. The location of water is of the greatest importance in desert travel. Trade routes go from one source of water to the next, and the length of a day's journey is determined by the
  20. Your answer:
    number of kilometers travelled.
    occurrence of rainfall.
    time of the year.
    distance between springs.

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