Reading for Understanding Three #22A

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  1. Athletic games are often so close that they are decided in the last few seconds of play. In such games, the players who maintain their self-control under pressure are most likely to
  2. Your answer:

  3. Wanting to rid Russia of the influence of Rasputin, the monk who had a wicked influence on the czar and the czarina, a group of courtiers administered a dose of cyanide to him. When the hydrocloric acid of the normal stomach comes in contact with cyanide, a gas is given off that goes into the blood stream causing death from asphyxia in two or three minutes. Rasputin did not die. He had a
  4. Your answer:
    pact with wicked spirits.
    normal reaction to cyanide.
    very healthy stomach.
    hydrochloric acid deficiency.

  5. Higher education in the United States is feeling the effects of the public's conviction that education throughout life is a sound principle. In 1976, students over 22 years of age constituted nearly fifty percent of the total college enrollment as compared with thirty-nine percent in 1970. Shorter work weeks, increased automation, and fewer demanding jobs are allowing more leisure time for workers; many workers are starting to study to improve their skills in activities that enrich their
  6. Your answer:
    leisure time.

  7. For many years, scientists have been able to make astronomical observations from earth. It is now possible to send equipment to great heights in balloons and rockets controlled from the earth and to make observations not possible from observatories
  8. Your answer:
    in the sky.
    by automation.
    on the earth.
    in space.

  9. Only a small part of the land in Iceland can be used for agriculture. The sea surrounding Iceland provides a living for nearly one-third of the population and furnishes a high percentage of the country's exports. In some years, the catch of fish is as much as two metric tons for each inhabitant. The sea is very
  10. Your answer:

  11. The government willingly provided me with a special pass stating that my object in visiting the interior was to study native tribes, vegetation, and commercial possibilities. Armed with this document, I expected
  12. Your answer:
    cooperation of local authorities.
    a good set of maps.
    political opposition.
    hostile natives.

  13. Geologists study the earth, mainly its solid crust. The parts of the earth's surface that consist of layers of rock are particularly interesting to some scientists. An accepted principle or law of geology is that, in a series of layers of rock, the bottom layer is considered to be the oldest unless it can be proved that the layers have been overturned. A corollary of this principle is that, when fossils of animals are found in the layers of unturned rock, the animals or plants in the lower layers must have lived on the earth before animals whose fossils are found
  14. Your answer:
    in other parts of the world.
    under the sea.
    in the upper layers.
    in the ruins of ancient cities.

  15. When the Hall of Fame of Great Americans in New York City was established in 1900, it was provided that elections should be held every five years and that people's names could not be proposed until they had been dead at least ten years. In 1922, it was decided to increase the time that must elapse after death to twenty-five years. Those in charge felt that time lends perspective and makes judgments more
  16. Your answer:

  17. We are used to thinking that wild animals are born with a full set of instincts that control all of their actions and ensure their life expectancy. However, in varying degrees, most young wild creatures are taught, by their parents and by experience, many things necessary to
  18. Your answer:
    their parents.
    each other.
    their actions.
    their survival.

  19. Nuclear physics has given us encouraging glimpses into infinitesimal structures of matter. Progress is being made in studying the mysteries of the living cell. Scientists are learning how to manipulate molecular particles to produce new drugs, materials and plastics. The tremendous energy of the sun is being brought within our reach. There is scarcely a source of physical power that is not within the ultimate possibility of
  20. Your answer:
    human control.
    space exploration.
    our own destruction.
    our imagination.

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