Reading for Understanding Three #21B

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  1. Some hunters would be very reckless in killing game if game laws were not set up to protect wildlife. The number of deer that a hunter may kill in one season varies from place to place and is determined by the deer population. The purpose of the laws is to ensure that
  2. Your answer:
    deer are not killed by famine.
    a hunter kills only one deer.
    deer do not become extinct.
    there are no deer next year.

  3. Many of the regions where timber-producing forests grow are places of heavy rainfall. The freshly cut trees contain too much moisture for first-quality lumber. The lumber is heated in kilns, which are carefully controlled so that the lumber comes out having the proper
  4. Your answer:

  5. A consumers' cooperative is a type of business found in many parts of the world. It is owned by a group of consumers who do their buying at the cooperative store. At the end of each year, the members receive a share of the profits, called rebates, in proportion to the amount of purchases they have made during that year. Therefore, the person who spends the most money at the cooperative store during the year will receive
  6. Your answer:
    no rebate.
    the smallest rebate.
    an equal rebate.
    the largest rebate.

  7. While rivers run into the sea, while on the mountain shadows move over the slopes, while heaven feeds the stars, even shall thy fame, thy name, and thy praises
  8. Your answer:
    be wandering.
    be lost.

  9. The ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes said that there was only one good, namely, knowledge; and only one evil, namely,
  10. Your answer:

  11. Along flood-swollen canals in Thailand, one sees houses in which the floors are just above water level. The unknowing observer may fear that, in case of further flooding, these homeowners will be out of luck. There is no real need to worry, for the houses will rise as the water rises because they are built upon
  12. Your answer:
    the banks of the canals.
    strong concrete foundations.
    floating bamboo foundations.
    the unyielding rock of faith.

  13. Laocoon, a Trojan priest of the god Apollo, warned the Trojans to beware of the Greeks, even when they were bringing gifts, specifically recommending that the Trojans not accept the wooden horse. Laocoon and his two sons were strangled by sea serpents, and the Trojans believed that this was punishment for Laocoon. They accepted the wooden horse. It was filled with soldiers who came out in the night and captured Troy. Laocoon had been
  14. Your answer:

  15. If a telescope is pointed directly at a star, the star's position appears slightly different from its actual positions in space. The aberration is caused by the rapid movement of the earth and can be compensated by slightly slanting the telescope. Stars could be observed through a telescope pointed directly at them if the earth
  16. Your answer:
    moved in a straight path.
    moved more rapidly.
    moved at a constant rate.
    did not move.

  17. About one-seventh of the earth's land surface is classified as desert because these areas have an average annual rainfall of less than twenty-five centimeters. Many people have the mistaken notion that because of the scarcity of water no life exists on the deserts. Actually, the deserts have their own species of plants and animals that have adapted to living in relative
  18. Your answer:

  19. In ancient times a country guaranteed its treaty promises by giving hostages to the other party. The hostages were often important people in their own country. They were held as prisoners and could be killed if their country failed to keep its treaty promises. Today, most countries rely on the good faith of other countries and on public opinion to ensure that they will keep their treaties, and the hostage system
  20. Your answer:
    protects treaty makers.
    is no longer used.
    has grown in effectiveness.
    is strictly observed.

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