Reading for Understanding Three #20B

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  1. A barbarian is one who is crude, uncivilized, or lacking in culture. The ancient Greeks considered themselves far more civilized and advanced than any other peoples in the ancient world. To the Greeks, a barbarian was anyone who
  2. Your answer:
    broke the law.
    spoke Greek.
    was not Greek.
    invaded Rome.

  3. In choosing a vacation spot, many of us look for a place that is quiet. But can you imagine a place without sounds? A famous explorer spent several weeks in Antarctica completely alone and away from all human sounds. Writing about the experience later, the explorer said that nothing was missed so much as the voices of friends and other familiar sounds. Such an experience gives one some insight into the
  4. Your answer:
    life of Eskimos.
    need for solitude.
    frozen countries.
    world of the deaf.

  5. Students of population directions have noticed a trend towards an increase in the age at first marriage. They are not sure whether the fact indicates a trend towards more careful mate selection or a trend towards
  6. Your answer:
    earlier marriages for money.
    more lifelong singleness.
    lower educational goals.
    a higher divorce rate.

  7. Alcatraz Island is more than a mile from the mainland of California and is surrounded by shark-infested waters. The Spanish first used it as a prison; and it remained a prison after that, except for a few years' use as a military barracks during the U.S. Civil War. It was used by the federal government as a maximum security prison, where only criminals who were considered unusually dangerous were kept. Few ever escaped from Alcatraz prison. Its location made escape
  8. Your answer:
    certainly fatal.
    almost impossible.
    a criminal act.

  9. Miners, stonecutters, glassmakers, and others exposed to silicon dust are in danger of contracting silicosis, a disease of the lungs caused by breathing in dust containing particles of silicon. The disease can be prevented by equipping workers with masks or nose filters and by using adequate
  10. Your answer:
    employee benefits.
    insurance plans.
    company nurses.
    ventilating systems.

  11. The South America Plains Indians and the Eskimos of the frozen North developed a crude but deadly hunting device that is known as a bola. The bola consists of several heavy-metal, stone, or ivory balls lashed to lengths of rope or rawhide. The basic difference between the South American Indians' bola and that of the Eskimos is that the Eskimos' bola is smaller and has more starnds of rope or rawhide. But the fact that peoples in such widely separated lands constructed such similar devices testifies to the universality of
  12. Your answer:
    primitive peoples.
    human ingenuity.
    human cruelty.

  13. A truly just body of law commands the respect of the weak because it protects them from abuse by the strong, and commands the respect of the powerful because they are not
  14. Your answer:
    exempt from its authority.
    supporters of it.
    governed by it.
    inerested in its purpose.

  15. The president of a college is the mother of four children and is a biological scientist as well. She believes that young people should be educated both for marriage and for a career. Her own life is evidence that
  16. Your answer:
    it can be done.
    this is too much.
    she likes it.
    she is exceptional.

  17. Geographers and mapmakers agree that there are four main oceans on earth: the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian, and the Arctic. These four bodies of water are called oceans because they have definite limits and boundaries agreed upon by oceanographers. The Antarctic Ocean is not considered an ocean by most international bureaus for marine surveys because this body of water
  18. Your answer:
    has never been explored.
    is the smallest ocean.
    is not salty.
    lacks a precise boundary.

  19. Dentistry became a profession in the seventeenth century when the first students of dentistry were admitted to the University of France. The profession has had a phenomenal growth, and there are now more than 110,000 licensed dentists in the United States alone. Still further growth is expected because tooth decay is the most common human disease. The demand for dental service is sure to
  20. Your answer:

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