Reading for Understanding Three #18C

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  1. Some of the first balloons contained hot air rather than gas. Such balloons rose because the outside air was heavier than the expanded hot air inside them. When the air within them cooled, these ballons
  2. Your answer:
    rose higher.
    came down.

  3. The members of the editorial board for this publication are a select group of well-qualified people elected each year at a conference. The size of the board is so limited because the organization believes that a small board has greater merit than
  4. Your answer:
    an ambitious one.
    one that is experienced.
    a large one.
    an appointed one.

  5. Ancient peoples buried many objects -- such as household utensils, articles of furniture, food, even models of houses, people, and animals -- with their dead. These objects were placed with the dead so that their life could be as good after death as it had been on earth. From the examination of the objects in graves and tombs, we can piece together much important information about ancient civilizations. History is not all recorded in
  6. Your answer:
    ancient countries.

  7. Most of us are shocked when we hear how much a few minutes of television advertising time costs the distributor of a product. But if we take into account the very large number of people who see the advertisement, we find that the cost per person reached is
  8. Your answer:
    very small.
    still high.

  9. Scientists have discovered a large number of vitamins that are important for good nutrition and good health. The best way to be sure your diet contains adequate vitamins is to eat foods in which they occur naturally, but natural sources can be supplemented by vitamin preparations. People in many parts of the world have diets deficient in vitamins. Unfortunately, in many of these places the vitamin preparations are
  10. Your answer:

  11. Although ready-made clothes for men were available in quantity during the second half of the nineteenth century, women were still making most of their own clothes. In 1867, it was estimated that 300 million dollars were spent yearly in the United States alone for materials with which women made their clothes. Dress patterns were
  12. Your answer:
    very expensive.
    poorly made.
    in great demand.

  13. An archaelogical mystery in the form of stone images has been found on Easter Island, which is 1600 kilometers of deep ocean from the closest inhabited land. The sculptors of these ancient images are unknown; even the natives of Easter Island
  14. Your answer:
    are indifferent to them.
    do not know who carved them.
    do not travel to other islands.
    have not been seen by explorers.

  15. The country flourished amazingly and rapidly after the war was over. It was like a field of young Indian corn, which long fair weather and sunshine had enfeebled and scorched, and which in that weak state, seemed to be threatened with absolute destruction by a thunder-gust of violent wind, hail, and rain; yet, when the storm had passed
  16. Your answer:
    all was complete waste.
    the sun shone no more.
    the crop was a failure.
    it recovered fresh verdure.

  17. Alchemists were people who tried to find ways to turn inexpensive metals into gold and thereby become rich. The alchemist did not know that some metals change into other metals all by themselves. Radium, for example, changes into lead -- an inexpensive metal. Even if the alchemists had known about this change, they probably would not have been concerned, for they were interested in
  18. Your answer:
    maintaining secrecy about their discoveries.
    becoming wealthy.
    using those metals that others had changed into gold.
    changing gold into another metal.

  19. Delaware is the next to the smallest of the fifty United States, but it is a rich state because of the large business interests concentrated in it. It is called the Diamond State, not because diamonds are mined there, but because of its
  20. Your answer:
    high taxes.
    rich farms.

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