Reading for Understanding Three #17B

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  1. More than half of the fatal accidents occurring in homes are caused by falls. Many falls are due to carelessness or to taking chances. In the matter of preventing falls in the house, most of us know more rules for preventing accidents than we
  2. Your answer:

  3. A person who has been convicted of a crime may be released from prison by a chief executive, such as the president of the country. Only chief executives can grant pardons. A person who receives a pardon is then completely free with all rights of citizenship restored. A pardon has the effect of wiping out a conviction. A person who has been pardoned is not regarded as
  4. Your answer:
    a criminal.
    a citizen.

  5. "Dazzle painting" was a process used during World War I to camouflage merchant ships. The hulls of the ships were given coats of bright and contrasting paints in lines and patterns designed to fool the observer's eye as to which way the ship was going. The distortion was so good in most cases that even an expert sailor could not determine the ship's
  6. Your answer:

  7. Forest fires can completely destroy a large area of timber. If the fire is severe enough, it can burn away all vegetation that holds the soil in place and can leave the area ripe for erosion. For this reason, land that has been ravaged by fire should be
  8. Your answer:
    patrolled by rangers.
    completely abandoned.
    protected by fire.
    replanted immediately.

  9. Captain William Kidd and his band have become legendary figures because of their lives as pirates. This Scottish captain and his crew were supposed to have captured and buried a great treasure. Even though people know where the real Captain Kidd took refuge, the story of the buried treasure is thought to be fictional because
  10. Your answer:
    no pirate ever existed.
    no treasure has been found.
    Captain Kidd never lived.
    it happened long ago.

  11. In 1500, after returning from a voyage with Christopher Columbus to the New World, Juan de la Cosa drew a map of the New World as he imagined it looked. On one side of the map, he drew the European coast. On the other side, across the sea, he drew the New World coast as he thought it should look, although at that time no one knew exactly how it really looked. He painted the New World green, since green was used by mapmakers to show
  12. Your answer:
    unexplored regions.
    the European coast.
    Spanish territory.

  13. A dust explosion occurs when a large amount of dust mixed with air catches fire. Around paper mills, threshing machines, and coal mines, enough dust gathers to make dust explosions a hazard, especially when there is a nearby source of heat. Most metals that do not ordinarily burn will catch fire when they are finely ground. Many substances that do not burn easily when in large pieces will explode quickly when in the form of
  14. Your answer:

  15. Thomas A. Edison started school when he was seven years old. He had been in school only three months when he heard the principal tell someone that the Edison boy was addled. His mother took him out of school, and he educated himself by reading and experimenting. Working alone much of the time, he became one of the greatest inventors in history; he was respected by governments, scientists, and businesses for his original contributions to human life through technology. All his life Edison was
  16. Your answer:
    a great writer.
    an educated man.
    an independent worker.
    successful in business.

  17. If it rains, the pessimists fear floods; if the sun shines, they are certain that drought will follow. In every cloud, they see only
  18. Your answer:
    beautiful raindrops.
    fleecy white sheep.
    the dark side.
    a silver lining.

  19. The outer coatings of many grains contain essential vitamins. The use of polished rice, from which the vitamins have been removed, leads to a deficiency disease known as beriberi if these vitamins are not supplied from other sources. Beriberi is more common in many parts of the Orient than in the United States because polished -- or white -- rice is such an important item in the diet of many
  20. Your answer:

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