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  1. When we are born, we possess the possibility of growing to a certain size. Only in rare instances are people born without the possibility of being healthy. During our lifetime, we need proper food, rest, and exercise. These three things are what we need to
  2. Your answer:
    maintain our original size.
    become increasingly older.
    exceed our natural capacities.
    develop to our physical limits.

  3. The Greeks played an instrument similar to the zither as early as A.D. 24. Later, Central Europeans used this stringed instrument. During the 1800s, the harplike sounds of the zither were enjoyed in the United States. Of all musical instruments, the zither is one of the
  4. Your answer:
    most costly.
    hardest to play.

  5. Animals fight with their natural weapons -- teeth, claws, horns. Human beings have had to manufacture weapons -- clubs, axes, spears, guns, bombs, torpedoes, atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, and intercontinental ballistic missiles. Weapons have become much more powerful and capable of use
  6. Your answer:
    at greater and greater distances.
    at low cost.
    by air forces.
    at very close range.

  7. Nails are produced by cutting a piece of heavy wire into the desired length and flattening one end of the head. The driving end is sharpened to a point. Nails are sold by weight -- shorter nails costing more than longer nails. This is understandable, because in comparison to a given weight of long nails, the same weight of short nails has
  8. Your answer:
    less metal.
    more nails.
    greater durability.
    more metal.

  9. Most children distinguish their parents from other objects in their environment while the rest of their world is still a big, booming, buzzing confusion. It is not merely that a parent is so often in their presence; so is the mattress upon which they sleep. But it is a parent who feeds them when they are hungry, changes them when they are wet, ministers to them when they are ill. Children begin to respond early to their parents as separate beings because
  10. Your answer:
    parents gave them life.
    parents provide satisfaction for their needs.
    all children love their parents.
    they see them so frequently.

  11. The separate states of the United States vary greatly in the amount of money that they are able to spend on education. In a recent year, one state spent nearly three times as much as another state spent per pupil in average daily attendance. Some of the poorest states are spending a higher percentage of the average per capita income on education than are some of the richest states. Many people believe that federal aid is the only way to provide good education in poor states; but, oddly enough, it is some of the poorer states that have objected to
  12. Your answer:
    industrial improvements.
    federal aid.
    higher taxes.
    better schools.

  13. The peculiar coloration of many animals, more especially of insects, so closely resembles the soil or leaves or bark on which they habitually live that they are difficult to see. Although in the course of ages varieties of many colors have occurred, the species that inevitably survived the longest were those that best blended with the environment that
  14. Your answer:
    destroyed their enemies.
    concealed them from their enemies.
    changed their coloration.
    provided a sustenance.

  15. Kuwait is an independent Arab state located at the northern end of the Persian Gulf. Since the area is almost entirely covered by desert, there is no source of fresh water. Consequently, drinking water must be obtained by
  16. Your answer:
    desalting gulf water.
    building fountains.
    irrigating the desert.
    draining local reservoirs.

  17. Parrots are sometimes kept in cages as pets. They are interesting because they can learn to talk. It takes a great deal of work to train a parrot to talk, and even then the bird simply says words, phrases, or sentences that it has been taught to repeat. Parrots cannot
  18. Your answer:
    carry on a conversation.
    remember what they learn.
    say more than six words.
    be taught to sing.

  19. In 1840, when the state of Michigan tried to obtain a federal grant of land to build a canal (the Soo) at Sault Ste. Marie to connect Lake Superior with Lake Huron, Henry Clay blocked the proposal in the United States Senate. He said that the land was "beyond the farthest bounds of civilization, if not in the moon." Only a few years later, the discovery of iron led to the rapid development of the area, and the first Soo Canal was opened in 1855. The tonnage carried through the locks at the Soo today is among the greatest in the world. Henry Clay was a brilliant leader; but, in this case, he was proved
  20. Your answer:

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