Reading for Understanding Three #15B

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  1. A United States citizen who is ill or who is out of town on election day may apply for an absentee ballot. It is usually sent by mail. Sometimes an election is so close that the winner cannot be determined until after all the absentee ballots have been counted. This may cause
  2. Your answer:
    absentee voting.
    considerable delay.
    official approval.
    dishonest counting.

  3. A mother crab scolded her son for walking sideways and rubbing against wet rocks. This young crab replied that he had learned to walk that way by watching his mother and that he would change if she would show him how, but she could not walk in any other way. This anecdote illustrates that it is of no use to preach what you cannot
  4. Your answer:

  5. Badlands are areas where the soil is so poor that little vegetation will grow. Rain has washed the soil into strange-shaped hills and gullies. Because the area was difficult to cross on foot or on horseback, criminals and convicts once hid out in the Badlands of South Dakota to avoid capture. Some people believe that this area of the United States is called the badlands because of the bad people that hid out there. The name is actually given to the region because it is
  6. Your answer:
    poor farmland.
    difficult to map.
    bad for fighting.
    unsuitable for hiding.

  7. If you wish to study an ant colony, one method is to put a small colony of ants on a dish and place the dish in a pan of water. The ants cannot escape from such a place because ants cannot
  8. Your answer:

  9. The economy of any nation is largely dependent upon the amount of trade it carries on with other countries. In fact, no study of economics would be complete without a consideration of
  10. Your answer:
    business organizations.
    international trade.
    economic welfare.
    individual income.

  11. The criticism that is being made of the graduates of this business school is that they lack perspective in selecting the important tasks. Though they are capable of doing a wide variety of tasks, they do not know
  12. Your answer:
    who the influential people are.
    which of these to do.
    what their employer will say.
    how to save time.

  13. For some time many utility companies have been packaging a large number of wires in a cable instead of stringing many separate wires to crossbars. Besides an improvement in appearance, the cable gives an added benefit in that it is stronger and better able to withstand storm damage than are
  14. Your answer:
    single wires.
    underground cables.
    high tension lines.

  15. The camel walks with a violent rocking gait because it lifts its front and hind feet on the same side simultaneously and tilts its body sideways. Consequently, riding a camel is comparable to the violent pitching and tossing of a light boat in heavy seas, and the camel rider must rock the camel just as a sailor must
  16. Your answer:
    roll with the vessel.
    go below deck.
    steer the vessel.
    anchor the vessel.

  17. Prescription drugs kept for more than six months may lose their effectiveness and some may even become toxic. Therefore, it is a good policy not to take
  18. Your answer:
    prescription drugs.
    old medicines.
    non-prescription drugs.
    most medications.

  19. Ignace Jan Paderewski was widely known and loved as a concert pianist. During World War I, Paderewski served as a Polish ambassador and represented his country at the conference that ended the war. Shortly after the end of World War I, he returned to the concert stage. In 1940, Paderewski became president of the Polish parliament in exile; and, until his death, he worked for the liberation of his country. Paderewski's career was unusual because he was
  20. Your answer:
    both musician and political leader.
    the world's greatest musician.
    a great humanitarian.
    Poland's only ambassador.

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