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  1. The leaves of the laurel tree were used by the ancient Greeks to crown the winners of the Pythian games, to cite the works of public officials, and to recognize the heroism of soldiers. Today, some European universities confer a laurel wreath upon people who are being awarded degrees. Our expression "to win one's laurels" means to
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  3. The job of a navigator on a plane is very much like that of a ship's navigator. The air navigator must work faster because
  4. Your answer:
    the plane is so high in the air.
    planes travel faster than ships.
    ships travel faster than planes.
    pilots have no assistants.

  5. A horse and a donkey, each bearing a load, were being led by their master. The donkey asked the horse to take part of its load, for the animal was very tired, but the horse refused. The donkey soon collapsed under the load and died. The master then put both loads on the horse's back and the skin of the donkey as well. The horse groaned but knew that this trouble was the result of its own
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  7. Of the faculties called the five senses, sight is without doubt the noblest. The structure of the eye and all its appurtenances, the admirable contrivances of nature for performing all its various external and internal motions, and the variety in the eyes of different animals suited to their several natures and ways of life clearly demonstrate this organ to be
  8. Your answer:
    a simple structure naturally contrived.
    too complex to be comprehended.
    a simple refracting and reflecting device.
    a masterpiece of nature's handiwork.

  9. Every day we use many things made in our own country from raw materials that are imported. Other countries have mineral and vegetable products that we do not have, and we have some that they cannot supply for themselves. Some of our factories would have to close if we were not able to
  10. Your answer:
    carry on international trade.
    import food products.
    collect high taiffs.
    invest in factories abroad.

  11. The jet stream is an irregular current of fast-moving air that encircles the earth. It was discovered during World War II, when pilots were flying their bombers at an altitude high enough to be within the stream. Planes travelling into the jet stream seem to stand still, but jets flying with the stream almost double their speed. Pilots often fly with the jet stream to
  12. Your answer:
    cut flight time.
    delay a landing.
    reach high altitudes.
    spot enemy aircraft.

  13. Wedding customs vary in different parts of the world and are sometimes related to the religion of the people involved. Among almost all peoples special clothes are worn by the bride and groom, especially by the bride. A bridal dress is usuallly easy to
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  15. The city mouse that visited a cousin in the country ridiculed the simple fare of grain that was offered and boasted of the rich fare that the city could offer the country mouse. While visiting the city, the country mouse was impressed by the fancy food in the house where the city cousin lived. But every time they started to eat, they had to run and hide because someone was always coming into the room. The country mouse was glad to leave the worries of the city and go back to simple country fare. Many people make the same choice as the country mouse -- they like simple peace rather than luxury and
  16. Your answer:

  17. During the last half of the nineteeth century, the United States and Germany made rapid progress in industrialization. Their deposits of coal and iron --essential factors in developing industry-- aided them in becoming
  18. Your answer:
    manufacturing hubs.
    cultural leaders.

  19. Fossil-bearing rocks often give us ideas about the time at which certain animals lived. Some of the oldest fossil rocks that have been found contain fossils of sponges, so we conclude that sponges were one of the
  20. Your answer:
    commonest land animals.
    earliest forms of life.
    household items used hundreds of years ago.
    findings of geologists.

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