Reading for Understanding Three #13A

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  1. There are as many kinds of dancing as there are peoples in the world, for each land and each period of time has had its characteristic dances. Dancing may be social, interpretive, or religious. In some countries, all the dancing is done by men, but in most places both men and women take part. We can learn a great deal about other times and other people from their
  2. Your answer:

  3. Pennsylvania, in what is now the United States, was the scene of many important battles in the Revolutionary War. The Declaration of Independence was drafted and signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the Constitution of the United States was written there. Because of its importance in the very early life of the country, Pennsylvania is appropriately sometimes called the
  4. Your answer:
    Dutch Settlement.
    Capitol of the United States.
    Cradle of Liberty.
    Colonial State.

  5. Iraq is blessed with rich soil. In such areas as the lower plain, however, the annual rainfall is slight. One of the biggest boons to agriculture in Iraq has been the development of
  6. Your answer:
    new fertilizers.
    foreign aid.
    irrigation systems.
    larger farms.

  7. Forty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age. Our attitudes toward age are determined partly by our
  8. Your answer:
    own age.

  9. A farmer wished to stop his three sons from quarrelling. He gave them a bundle of sticks and asked each of them to break it. None could break the bundle. Then, the father handed the boys one stick at a time to break. This task was easy. The father said that his sons were like the sticks. If they would unite instead of argue among themselves, they would be
  10. Your answer:

  11. The milk snake, a harmless king snake, takes its name from the belief farmers used to have that the snake took milk from cows. This is now known to be untrue. The milk snake helps the farmer by killing the rats and mice in barns. Farmers who kill milk snakes are really helping their
  12. Your answer:

  13. Life on a submarine is not easy. The space is limited, and there is no room for exercise. A submarine cruise may take sailors away from the home for several months. The navy assigns no sailors to submarine duty; they volunteer for it. To make submarine duty attractive, submarine crews are given more time off and
  14. Your answer:
    longer enlistments.
    monotonous trips.
    extra pay.
    extra duties.

  15. The heaviest bell in the world has never been rung. It is the Czar Kolokol bell in Russia. Cast in 1733, this bell is over six meters high, twenty meters in circumference, and weighs over two-hundred metric tons. It is beautifully decorated with reliefs and inscriptions. Before teh bell left the factory, it was broken in a fire. It now stands on a platform inside the Kremlin walls, where it is
  16. Your answer:
    being rebuilt.
    rung on special days.
    an object of interest.
    of no value.

  17. The Eskimo uses a kayak--a light canoe made of skins stretched over a wooden frame--for travel, fishing and hunting. Kayaks made of canvas are very popular for sport. The paddler sits in a cockpit that can be made watertight by means of a canvas flap. Kayak rolling is an interesting sport. The contestants overturn their kayaks, then give a push with the paddle to keep their kayaks rolling so that they come to the surface
  18. Your answer:
    right side up.
    upside down.

  19. Zoos spend a lot of money duplicating natural conditions in which to keep captive animals. Much success has been achieved in this area, as exemplified by the case of three magpies. A storm blew open the door to the magpie cage and the three blue Himalayan birds escaped. Reports from all over the big city told of the birds roosting on buildings, statues and so forth. The day after the escape the magpies returned to their cage at the zoo, indicating that there they
  20. Your answer:
    disliked captivity.
    had freedom.
    feared harm.
    felt at home.

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