Reading for Understanding Three #12A

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  1. Many of the old towns and cities of Germany that were destroyed in World War II by bombing have been rebuilt. The new homes are modern in design; factories and office buildings are built of new materials and in new architectural styles. The tourist who wants to see the quaintness of old Germany must look for it in a place that was not
  2. Your answer:

  3. Before printing was invented, books had to be copied by hand. The copyists were called scribes, and their work was very slow. A wealthy family in Florence employed almost fifty scribes to copy books for its private library. These scribes could produce only about a hundred books a year. Books were only for the
  4. Your answer:

  5. When whales were killed by throwing the harpoon from a whaling boat, the contest was exciting for the hunters. Modern whaling methods use a harpoon shot from a gun and equipped with a bomb that explodes within three seconds, killing the whale immediately. Modern methods of killing whales are so effective that an International Whaling Commission has been set up to protect whale from
  6. Your answer:

  7. Gladiatorial combats were held in the Colosseum in Rome over a period of hundreds of years. Sometimes the combats were between people and animals; sometimes among human beings. Many people were killed in the fights. The last combat was A.D. 404, when, as a result of the Asiatic monk Telemachus, a deadly fight was stopped. The crowd was angry at Telemachus and stoned him to death, but the emperor Honorius decreed that there should be no more
  8. Your answer:
    gladiatorial combats.
    use of swords.
    contests of any kind.
    slaves in Rome.

  9. The ambassador to India recognized the great problems of that country in developing an economic and social system adapted to its needs. The diplomat was encouraged by the changes taking place in education, health, and social services. There was no way to predict what all the solutions to India's problems might be or when they might come, but about India's future the ambassador felt
  10. Your answer:

  11. The bodies of many soldiers killed in battle cannot be identified; some cannot be found. Many countries remember these dead by burying the body of an unknown soldier in a prominent place near the national capital. A continuous guard is maintained, and regular memorial services are held. This is done out of respect for
  12. Your answer:
    all unknown soldiers.
    great military victories.
    military defeats.
    military funerals.

  13. In many countries a large percentage of the people can neither read nor write, although some of these countries have laws stating that all children must attend school. There are just not enough schools, even though the need for education is recognized by the
  14. Your answer:
    United Nations.

  15. Dancing has always been an integral part of the life of primitive societies. Primitive people have special dances for celebrating birth, for expressing sorrow, for gathering courage before battle, for celebrating victory, for driving away evil spirits, for assuring plentiful crops, and for gaining success in hunting and fishing. Since many of these dances were handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years, they became
  16. Your answer:

  17. A student set a record of school attendance by never having missed a single day in eight years of school. Although confined in bed for many days at a time during these years with the usual childhood diseases, this student had always been ill
  18. Your answer:
    at night.
    on weekends.
    in the afternoons.
    during the summer.

  19. A piece of paper exposed to direct sunlight does not burn because the sun's rays are not hot enough, but if the sun's rays are focused on a point on the paper, the paper will catch fire. This fact has been used to design solar stoves that are able to boil water in twenty minutes. Solar cookers are used in countries where
  20. Your answer:
    fuel is plentiful.
    food is scarce.
    food is plentiful.
    fuel is scarce.

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