Reading for Understanding Three #11C

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  1. The guinea pig, a popular pet for children, is used extensively in medical research. This animal is curiously misnamed, for it is not a pig at all, and it is not native to
  2. Your answer:
    any country.
    South America.

  3. A Greek storyteller told a story about the goddess Aphrodite changing a cat into a beautiful young woman. Aphrodite put a mouse in the bedroom of the lady, who forgot that she was no longer a cat and chased the mouse. The goddess was angry at this and changed the woman into a cat again. The storyteller wanted to teach that it is easier to change the outward appearance of a person than to change a person's
  4. Your answer:
    fear of mice.

  5. Although Japan produces little livestock, the Japanese people have an adequate protein diet because fish are so abundant. Japanese fisheries process more fish than the people can eat, so a substantial part of the fish products are
  6. Your answer:

  7. The deserts seem unfriendly to all kinds of life. There is little water or plant life, and scant protection from the strong sun. Yet there are many species of insects, reptiles, birds, and mammals in the deserts. The human race is so dependent upon water that we find it hard to understand how any animal life can exist without what seems to us an adequate water supply. They cannot; it is simply that what is adequate for the desert animals would be
  8. Your answer:
    inadequate for us.
    inadequate for plants.
    wasted by humans.
    scarce on the desert.

  9. Military personnel are required to salute their officers, and when possible the officers must return the salute. Planes and ships also exchange salutes. Pilots often dip the wings of their planes, and ships salute by dipping their flags. The salutes of ships are given between flags of different countries as well as between the flags of
  10. Your answer:
    foreign countries.
    enemy ships.
    friendly ships.
    the same country.

  11. Once, when the general was riding to consult some troops, the snow was deep. A foot soldier called to the general, "Oh, it is easy for you on horseback." The general leaped down, pushed the soldier aside, and marched in the soldier's place. The general believed that no persons could be good officers who were not willing to do more than they would
  12. Your answer:

  13. In 1922 the news spread quickly around the world that the Lord Carnarvon of England and Howard Carter of the United States had found in their excavations the undisturbed tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh who had lived fourteen centuries before Christ. The pharaoh was Tutankhamen, often referred to as King Tut. With the mummy were found valuable relics, remarkably preserved in spite of
  14. Your answer:
    the passage of centuries.
    their Egyptian origin.
    the lack of interest.
    the youth of the pharaoh.

  15. A zoo director conducted experiments with life-size vinyl figures of lions, zebras, and rhinos in the African wildlife preserve. It has been believed that only the lioness hunts for food while the male lions do not. But in one experiment with a vinyl zebra, a whole group of lions attacked and "killed" the fake zebra, and it was a male lion who actually
  16. Your answer:
    shared the spoils.
    led the attack.
    fought the females.
    ran away.

  17. Cockfighting is an old sport, perhaps thousands of years old. The birds that are used are strong and quick, and seem to have a killer spirit. Their long spurs are their natural weapons, but their owners sometimes trim the spurs and attach artificial spurs of metal that are more effective and cruel. Cockfighting is illegal in the United States, Canada, and many other countries. It is still common in South America and in many parts of Asia, where people are not so shocked by its
  18. Your answer:

  19. The apple of Sodom was described by biblical writers as a pleasing yellow fruit that turned to ashes when eaten. The phrase "apple of Sodom" is sometimes used to describe something that is tempting but
  20. Your answer:
    proves disappointing.
    deceives no one.
    tastes delicious.
    grows abundantly.

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