Reading for Understanding Three #11A

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  1. Although Iowa is famous in the United States for its large production of corn or maize, its production of oats is greater than that of any other state. Large crops of wheat, barley, and buckwheat are also produced on Iowa farms. It is not surprising that Iowa has one of the world's largest
  2. Your answer:
    cereal mills.
    one-crop farms.
    corn farms.

  3. One of the early car ferries crossed a wide river and was little more than a big raft pushed around by a tugboat. When a car ferry was started across a large lake, people were somewhat wary of its safety, but they soon became convinced that the ferries on the lake were truly seaworthy, and now scarcely anyone ever considers the
  4. Your answer:
    climatic conditions.
    ability of the crews.
    likelihood of danger.
    route of travel.

  5. Effective expression is dependent upon accuracy of word choice. Accurate description is impossible in the absence of a wide choice of words from which the one word that is most appropriate may be selected. Thus, if you seek to obtain effective expression, the first step is to enlarge your
  6. Your answer:

  7. Veal, the meat of immature cattle, is more commonly eaten in Spain than is beef. Since pastureland is scarce in Spain, the feeding and raising of cattle to full growth is too costly, and the animals are slaughtered
  8. Your answer:
    by bullfighters.
    in pens.
    before grazing.
    when young.

  9. Steel containing even less than one percent of molybdenum is remarkably hard and useful for making fine cutting tools. Many molybdenum ores that contain less than 1 percent by mass of molybdenum are mined because the metal is rare and
  10. Your answer:
    an alloy.

  11. When molten lava cools, it hardens, and the material thus formed is known as volcanic rock. Although active volcanoes are no longer found in Idaho, volcanic rock covers a large area in that state. The presence of this rock testifies that years ago volcanic eruptions covered the land with molten lava, which eventually
  12. Your answer:
    cooled and solidified.
    formed new volcanoes.
    burned to ashes.

  13. An illness made Hellen Keller blind and deaf before she had reached the age of two. Her teacher, Anne Sullivan, taught Helen to speak through the sense of touch when Helen was about ten years old. Helen graduated with distinction from Radcliffe College, became a distinguished author and lecturer, and received many awards from many foreign governments. Her achievements are a great inspiration to all, particularly to
  14. Your answer:
    handicapped persons.

  15. When an earthquake strikes a city, the greatest damage is usually from secondary results rather than from the actual breakage caused by the tremor. In the great earthquake that struck Japan in 1923, about a quater of a million people died in Tokyo and Yokohama. The quake struck just as lunch was being prepared in Japanese homes. When the initial shock overturned cooking braziers, fires started in many Japanese houses. The fire departments could do little because the shock had broken the water mains. The loss of property was enormous. Only about 5 percent of the loss was attributed directly to the shock; the rest was caused by
  16. Your answer:

  17. Some of the huge rock statues on Easter Island weigh more than one hundred metric tons. Reserchers now move these statues with the aid of large cranes, but the settlers of Easter Island must have moved them through human power for we know that they did not even have
  18. Your answer:
    divine help.
    the wheel.

  19. Baking powder contains both an acid and an alkali that reacts when moist to form carbon dioxide gas. It is the bubbles of this gas that make cakes and biscuits rise. Baking should be done right after the mixing is complete so that the gas is not lost. The baker should turn the oven on before
  20. Your answer:
    setting the thermometer.
    baking the cake.
    testing the cake.
    mixing the batter.

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