M. P. Moore

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Read the statements below and write in the correct word. Remember the differences between the words.

Precede To come before, (v.)

Proceed To go forward, (v.); proceedings "Legal actions," (n.); proceeds Profit, (n.)

  1. According to organizers, three-quarters of the (precedes/proceeds) from the fundraiser will be donated to local charities.
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  3. During the (precedings/proceedings) the district attorney objected only once to her adversary's line of questioning.
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  5. A moment of silence in honor of the two slain activists will (precede/proceed) tomorrow's political rally.
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  7. You will be wise to (precede/proceed) with caution if you plan to enter unfamiliar territory.
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  9. Because David's reputation as a firebrand (preceded/proceeded) him, students were wary of getting too close to him.
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